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The aquatic race of the Dreugh metamorphose into their feral land form at a period in their life cycle called Karvinasim, during which they grow legs and acquire a much more beast-like appearance, spending about a year on dry land to reproduce, period during which they are extremely territorial around their nesting grounds.

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"The Dreugh or Dreughs are a Tamrielic race of powerful aquatic creatures observed primarily in Morrowind (especially the Inner Sea), the Illiac Bay, the Abecean Sea, Black Marsh and Cyrodiil. They are often hunted for their wax and hide. Once common throughout Vvanderfell, Ebonheart and the surrounding waters, they have been driven into isolated pockets in more recent times. (...) According to legend, the Dreugh devolved from a much more intelligent and civilized race due to conflict with the Dunmer (who used their hides and wax), and powerful, tyrannic Dreugh kingdoms, are reported by Mankar Camoran in his Mythic Dawn Commentaries even going as far as to state they once ruled the world. That notion is explored in Vivec's lessons, where it is stated that, "when the dreughs ruled the world, the Daedroth Prince Molag Bal had been their chief". The sermon gives details of the form Bal took at the time, describing it as "spiny and armored and made for the sea". Additionally, tales of civilized Land Dreugh colonies (purported to have built stone cairn houses and structures) exist, which affirm that the species raised mudcrabs for susteinance, but no evidence of such behavior exists today." elderscrolls wikia

"Dreugh metamorphose into Land Dreugh at a period in their life cycle called Karvinasim, during which they grow legs and spend about a year on dry land. (...) The Land Dreugh's naturally sturdy carapace is known to deflect most attacks from common weapons. In this period they are also able to cast powerfull shock spells.  Fronto Maecilius (...) suggests that the Karvinasim heightens the individual's martial instincts, especially speed and hostility. (...) At the end of the Karvinasim (after about a year of land walking), the Dreugh return to their underwater environment, undergoing a final transformation called Meff or Meffing. (...) During Meff, the Dreugh submerge, devouring their land skin and air organs in a self-cannibalistic manner, as those become unneeded. After eating, they vomit the congealed remains as small fibrous balls known as Grom, that are approximately a foot in diameter. The spheres are described as foul-smelling, are found in clusters around lakes, and have no known "virtues"." elderscrolls wikia

"Land Dreughs build their nests among piles of mud where they store the corpses of animals or even unsuspecting human victims that approach the water, to later serve as food for their hatchlings. The eggs are laid among the mud and aquatic vegetation, and are aggressively protected by the Dreughs, who resort to both their pincers and electrical magic to assure the protection of the nests. Females grow particularly big at this time, acquiring a greenish color and being known as Broodmothers. When ready to copulate, the males acquire a redder than normal color, when they are known as Mating Dreughs. Solitary Dreughs can also be found submerged along riverbanks, ready to ambush their prey."

by Beastmaster Mihail *
(*Who is Beastmaster Mihail? He is my avatar/persona within the universe composed of all my mods. He is the ingame author who writes the texts that are usually presented as descriptions for my mods. A former monster hunter, now a dedicated scholar, he is planned to be released as an NPC in late 2022/early 2023, doing the same job in-game as my descriptions do on Nexus.)

- 3 new creatures- Land Dreugh, Mating Land Dreugh, Land Dreugh Broodmother

- several new Dreugh Nesting Grounds along the banks of rivers and lakes;

- 2 new ingredients- Dreugh Eggs and Dreugh Wax

So far no incompatibilities have been found between this mod and other mods.
(OBS- If by chance when installing several of Mihail's mods at the same time you are asked about files overwriting those of other Mihail mods or other authors mods, don't worry because they are just the same files shared between mods. I recommend that on these occasions always give preference to the files contained in my mods, and among mine always give preference to the mod you are installing last.)

The Mihail Monsters and Animals series aims to create and make available to the community the most complete set of creatures for TES 5: Skyrim, implemented in an immersive and unique way, with respect to the pillars of lore. Instead of pathetically just throwing models and textures in the game reusing 100% vanilla mechanics, the creatures made by Mihail have uniqueness and extreme zeal in their idealization and implementation, which will provide you with an experience that you have never had before in this area.

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire


Mihail- dreugh models, textures, animations, sound, loot, effects, game implementation, dreugh nests concept and creation, 4k re-texture of the stuff used on the nests such as corpses or clutter

Some assets used on this mod belong to:

RustyShackleford69- additional lore info about land dreughs;
CD PROJEKT RED (original developer) and LorSakyamuni (porter)- some of the clutter and corpses meshes and original textures used as part of the dreughs nests