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Combine soul gems at a new crafting station to create higher level soul gems!

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The Soulforge
by The Bored Alchemist

What is this?
This mod simply adds a new crafting station, called the Soulforge, to the college of Winterhold. The Soulforge allows you to combine three empty soul gems of the same level to create one empty soul gem of the next level (i.e: three petty gives you one lesser, three lesser gives you one common... etc). I found that, playing as a mage with mods to make enchanting and spells more immersive, I wanted to have this ability. Right now, using the Soulforge doesn't require any specific perk or level of enchanting, but I may add this later. This new crafting station appears on the map and is travel-enabled, but you must discover it first by walking to it (you can gain access through the Hall of the Elements, then upstairs and back outside).

1. I don't use anything to install mods. I do it manually, so just unzip the mod and drag the contents into the skyrim/data directory. If you want to use a mod manager/installer/whatever I'm including the option to download via NMM anyway, but I really have no idea how it works.
2. Once installed, ensure the mod is enabled under the DATA tab of the Skyrim launcher.
3. Sort with LOOT

To update, just install the same way as above and overwrite the files.

I may add an enchanting level requirement to the recipes.
When I feel like it I will go over the area and decorate it so it looks like an interesting wizard's work area. (Now that I think of it, this area is the perfect place for a wizard-themed home, is it not?)

Check out my other mod if you want to overhaul Dragonsreach:
(This mod was the result of restarting a mod I once made that got deleted. The aim was to overhaul every interior location but it was accidentally deleted after overhauling more than 300 locations... and this EAO was my work on the mod from scratch. It currently edits Dragonsreach and a few other places. If I ever work on EAO, I'll be putting the updates up via this account).

Q: What does this mod conflict with?
A: Anything that alters the space above the college courtyard (I call it the balcony).

Q: Any requirements?
A: Only Skyrim up to date.

Q: Can you change this or add that?
A: I can but I probably won't. I made this mod for myself and it does what I want it to do.

Q: It's not working!
A: Not a question but ok. This is a very simple mod so even if you don't sort the load order it would probably still work. Make sure you have the latest Skyrim and have the mod ticked on in the Skyrim launcher.

Q: Does this work for SE?
A: I have no idea. I don't like SE or use SE and never will. This is a simple mod. Try it. It will probably work.

Q: Eggplant?
A: No.

Q: Are you mental?
A: Quite possibly.

Q: Why at the college? I don't wana join the college.
A: Because I felt the college was the best place for it. If you really want to cheat just open the console and toggle collisions with tcl and float up there. After that the location will be on the fast travel network. But you really only have to gain entry to the college to use the Soulforge.

Q: If you're an alchemist, why are you bored?
A: Because I don't like my job.

Q: This isn't lore friendly. Why?
A: Your face ins't lore friendly. I consider this mod lore friendly. I don't see why it isn't.

This mod uses the resource, Magnus' Enchanter, by Antonio Colasurdo:

It also uses the resource, SrRamrods Stained Glass Lanterns Art by SrRamrod: