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This mod places a cart for fast travel in each hold capital that doesn\'t already have one.

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Mod: Cart in Each Big Town 1_8
Game: TES V: Skyrim
Author: David Brasher
Packager : InAComaDial999
Download Locations: English:
Date: 7/23/12
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod places a cart for fast travel in each hold capital that doesn't already have

This mod is for people who like to role-play, and feel that fast traveling is unrealistic
unless there is an in-game reason that it can happen. (Like if there is a carriage that you can pay
to ride.) This mod adds four carriages to the four hold capitals that did not originally have them.
So now you can travel by carriage to and from all nine of the major towns in Skyrim, and can travel
one-way to six small settlements.

The hold capitals that were missing carriage service in the base game:


In addition to taking you to the hold capitals, the carriages can take you to these small
settlements, although you cannot hire a carriage at these locations:

Dragon Bridge
Shor's Stone

The carriage drivers use voiced dialog from the original game and function just like the
original drivers at the towns that already had them.

The NavMeshes have been edited so that actors will walk out around the new carriages
instead of bumping into them and getting stuck walking against them.

This is InAComaDial999's attempt to get this mod working after David Brasher abandoned it.
Really, all credit should go to him, I just modified one script and repackaged it all.

So if you don't like unexplained fast travel that feels like cheating, then this may be
a good mod for you. It will make traveling between towns faster and easier, but still let you walk
to and from locations that are in the middle of nowhere.
2. Installation
If you were using an older version of the mod and updating, you will need to install the
loose files from the "Alternate Loose Files Installation" version rather than using the .bsa.
Or else you could use the .bsa file and go delete the script carriagesystemscript.pex from your
scripts directory. The reason why you must do one of these things is that loose files override .bsa
files. There is a problem with script carriagesystemscript.pex in the old versions, and you need to
remove that script for the .bsa to work, or else install the good version of that script by doing the
alternate loose files installation.

Extract (decompress) the .esp and .bsa file to your Skyrim directory.
(It will be something like *Installation directory*\Skyrim\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data)
Mark the box next to the "Cart in Each Big Town" plugin in your mod manager.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the .esp and .bsa file to Skyrim\Data.
Mark the box next to the plugin in your mod manager.

Place this mod in your load order after the Unofficial Patch if you use it, otherwise the
patch will break the traveling to small towns added by this mod.
3. Version History
V 1.8 7/23/12 Added face-gen data for the new carriage drivers.

V 1.7 5/10/12 The Rorikstead-Riverview error came back. (Don't ask me how.) Fixed it again.

V 1.6 5/1/12Made it so you can be overencumbered and still fast travel by carriage.

V 1.5 2/16/12 Fixed Rorikstead-Riverview error in 1.4 and modcleaned it.

V 1.4 2/16/12 Travel to small towns added by InAComaDial999. Abandoned use of BSA archive.

V 1.3 2/15/12 Removed travel to small towns due to BSA packaging issues.

V 1.2 2/14/12 Identical to the incorrectly packaged version 1.1. The packaging error broke travel
to the small settlements.
V 1.1 2/13/12 Added carriage service to six small settlements. Attempted to fix a rare big where
a horse can stand beside the cart instead of where it belongs.
V 1.0 2/8/12Initial release.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
The pricing is a bit erratic. I am not sure how to predict when it will cost 50 Septims
and when it will cost 20 Septims to travel between hold capitals. The price to travel to a small
settlement is pegged at 20 Septims.

The carriage drivers added by this mod have lore topics for nearby towns, not the
towns they are in. The vanilla Skyrim voice acting was not done for the four towns, so it can not
be included in this mod.

The new carriages are not disabled and enabled in synch with the civil war quests. So
a carriage could be present during a battle. Oh well. Civilians do sometimes find themselves in
battle zones.
5. Copy Status and Credits
Credits: InAComaDial999 for packaging the mod in a form that can work right.

The Unofficial Skyrim Patch Team. (Scripting in this mod changed to conform to their mod
to avoid breaking theirs and to allow both mods to be used at the same time.)
AndalayBay - For hosting the USKP Beta and providing it a forum
Arthmoor - For the fixes to the Roggvir's Amulet of Talos and player assault quests, the
Ulfric/Galmar map placement, and much help with the tracker
BlueDanieru - For the Ancient Knowledge fix
Brumbek - For the fixed Thalmor Embassy building and entranceway
MadCat221 - For the fixed female Blades, Ebony, Iron (and Banded) Steel (and Plate)
Martigen, ThrottleKitty and Amgepo - For the fixed permanent remains and stacking Nirnroot
Phitt - For the fixed male Ebony Cuirass
PrinceShroob - For numerous fixes to quests, NPCs, items and more

Bethesda for making Skyrim in an open format anyone can mod.

Copy Status: Public domain with proper attribution and courtesy notification. You may use things
from this mod in your own mod and distribute it as long as you list the contributors in the credits
and notify me that you have done this as a courtesy.