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I am no longer reading and reacting messages sent to me.  It has been five years since I quit playing and I have other things going on in my life.  In general, people have permission to modify and distribute my files so long as they give credit to the original authors in their documentation.  If other modders are involved in the files I worked on, then they may have different restrictions. 


I quit playing and modding Skyrim around 11-11-12, more than four years ago.  I no longer have Skyrim on my computer.  I don't really like Skyrim.  I just tried to make myself like Skyrim because I genuinely did love Morrowind and Oblivion. I have other things I want to do with my life and won't update Skyrim mods.


Bethesda stabbed the modding community in the back by releasing Skyrim Special Edition.  I am very angry at Bethesda.  I don't even own Skyrim Special Edition, and don't own the prerequisites to get it for free.  I am not going to pay money to buy a game I don't want to play and don't want to convert mods for.  I have no plans to port my Skyrim mods to Skyrim Special Edition.


Oblivion is a better game in many ways.


My list of Oblivion mods by category:

Mods with Dungeons:
Bottomless Cavern
Tales From Elsweyr Anequina
Adense Epic Dungeon Update
Oblivion Gate, Behind Cloud Ruler Temple
The Cave of Wishcraft
Caldera Update - Return to Morrowind
The Halls of Fortitude, Dungeon
Jailed by Golden Saints, SI Dungeons
Shivering Isles Root System, Dungeon
Blood Raven
Wretched Pit and Witherstone Caverns
Super Marioblivion Levels by David
The Forgotten Realm Update
Dungeons of Blackwood
Stygian Castle
First Person Shooter
Laser Gun - Attack of the Droids
Random Floorplan Conjurer Fort Ruins
Skyrim Nord Tombs
Dwemer Ruins
Crystal Cave Dungeon and Tileset
Sheogorad Update
Tortuous Cavern
Fort Dreftin

Maze Dungeons:
Maze of Fog
An Old School Dungeon
Labyrinth of the Lost
Mehrunes' Maze

Morrowind-Style Daedric Shrine Ruin Dungeon Mods:
Daedric Shrine Ruins - All Merged Into One Mod with 6 Ruins
Asharnakibi, Morrowind-Style Daedric Shrine
Zergonipilamat, Morrowind-Style Daedric Shrine
Mehrunes Fel, Morrowind-Style Daedric Shrine

Guild and Faction Quest Mods:
Knights of the Nine Expansion - Additional quests and content
Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood
House of Healing - Guild Mod
Raiders of Cyrodiil Update
Defenders of Cyrodiil
Mages Guild Quests
Fighters Guild Quests

Mods with Battles:
Smarter Bandits
Daedric Armor of Darkness
Trolls Under Bridges
Scary Tiber Septim Hotel Lobby
SI Defending the Realm
Battle Between Two Forts
Attack of the Missing Meshes
Zombie Plague
Zombie Attack

Thief Mods:
Cheydinhal for Thieves - Respawning loose loot, valuable silver in Cheydinhal
Highwayman - Roleplay as a Highwayman
Bribe the Guards

Companion Mods:
Olga Companion Mod
CM Partners Abridged
Will-o-the-Wisp Companion

Goof Ball - Play football (soccer) in the IC Market District.

Retexturing Mods:
Leviathan Soulgems, Abridged
Rainbow of Robes
Legion Helmet Retexture
Imperial Guard Cuirass - Retexture
Silver Dwarven Armor
Pretty Spriggans
Recolored Dresses
Black Dark Shirt
Really Scary Liches
Goblin Totem Staff Icon
Colored Lower Class Beds Resource

Ravenous Blade - Absorbs life, counts kills
Static Weapon Modders Resource
KOTN Crusader Relics Unenchanted

House Mod:
Lindenshadow Grange

Landscape Mod Spoofs:
Unique Imperial City Sewer Exit Landscapes
Ubique Landshapes - Kvatch Devastation

Modding Tutorials:
Compatibility Patch Creation Tutorial
Merging Mods with TES4Gecko

Overhaul Mod:
Brasher's Oblivion Overhaul

Golden Saint and Dark Seducer Gear for Sale
Vampires - No Sun Damage
No More Annoying Alchemical Sounds
Oblivion Gates From the Beginning
Knights of the Nine Disinstaller
Arena Lite - You don't murder your opponents
Oblivion Collectible Cards UL Cheydinhal Falls Patch
Cute Elves Race Mystical Unicorn - New v135 Blue Door Patch
Skooma in the Shivering Isles
Oblivion Crisis
UL Ancient Yews Zork Patch
Underworld Armor for Vampires from Mods
Nobody Loves Me - Idiotic NPC smile reduction.
Jedi Powers
Always Foggy
Quest-Related Dungeons Marked
Sheogorath is Back
BBB Better Bouncing Bread Loafs
Fighters Guild Reward Swords Stronger


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