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House for Dovahkiin and all his(her) friends

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 Dragon Home

Did you ever ask yourself
"Why I'm not living with Dragons if I Dragonborn?
I asked myself. And I created this Bastion for me and for my friends.
The Home for all your Family (6 kid-beds)

Skyrim Legendary Edition v1.9 or higher (+ 3 DLC)

High on the great mountain where dragons live,
Where the birds don't fly and sing the winds,
And the snow softly cover the surface of stones,
Stand the house of  Dragonborn.

Location High Hrothgar

The House for a children and your family (beginning from version 1.6).

I recomend you More Dramatic Alduin
                                   Multiple Adoptions
                            Mannequin AI Fix
  • It's useful to use a NMM or MO

How to update?
- You must be NOT in the House
- Install the Updated Main File over existing version, confirm an .esp exchanging
- and play
More useful to use MO or NMM

Locations of "Dova" chests:
- Volkihar - at table main hall near the eating vampires
- Fort Dawnguard - enter and go left near the wall
- Dark Brotherhood - Dawnstar lair at wall into a case the main hall
- Hall of Valor Sovngarde - infront of enter near the mirror door

First of all find a Main Key on table near the jail under the kitchen.


- exterior is wonderful
- you feel yourself as a real Dragonborn!
- all models used by lore vanilla base
- nice atmosphere
- has balcony in tower
- home for you and for your family and followers
- home for any sexes of Dovahkiin (male or female
- for a vampire also
- has a teleport-doors to interesting locations
- lightly free place
- A real NPCs - traders, who will trade with you at 6-00 AM to 0-00
  • Grom. Smither, old warrior, who saw this life by any sides. Not marriable.
  • Vesta. His daughter. Very beautiful woman! (UNP HDT Body+4K Textures of skin). She is Mage-elementalist. Also she can sell to you her Book "Basic Demonology", but it very expensive book. You'll get a dark spell to call a demonic Helper by 6 minutes. You can call this beauty make a company with you. Not marriable, but very nice girl
  •  Mihey. A cook and brother of Vesta. Work in the Kitchen. Also you can call him to battle. His class "Berserker". Not marriable.

- watch-tower
- your immortal Horse (take a spell-list in the Mage-room to call the Horse)
- Gothic music

- a hot pool with auto-undressing
- smithing
- trophies of monsters I using its for a bow shooting as fun

- alchemy and enhancing table
- comfortable place
- throne hall
- mannequins
- displays
- book-shelves
- traders NPC (Mage, smither, cooker)

- office-table
- bed-room
6 kid-rooms
- beds for any quantity of followers
- large kitchen
- jail

- When you'll be follow a DG quest, after you found a Gunmar and breton woman, enter in Fort using a Main doors. It is important. It is a term of Game!
- Go to up floor, read a journal "Dovahkiin's Legacy" and you'll understand all by yourself
- be careful a Cup with blood don't use as saving chest, also a urnes for garbage, Or you will loose your things
- Not adoptable for a children

Attention: do not get a Keys in the Game by Additem Menu. Using a Keys earlier than you will find a locations it could crash a game. Find a Keys in location by yourself.

Forbidden: the publication of this plugin on other sites without permission of the author!
Запрещена публикация данного мода на других сайтах без разрешения автора.

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UNP Body Replacer
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Demoniac High Quality Textures

PotionShelf Resource by Blary 
Open Books Library by stoverjm                  

Thanks to:
Kai Rosenkranz 
Nox Arcana
For a Music