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A total retexturing of the city of Whiterun and and sexy, sexy...

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Update 2/10/12 Added Sexy Whiterun 3.1
Fixed reflective grass issue so it now LOOKS like grass and not the surface of the sun. Also changed interior color of Breezehome from Miami blue to a more neutral mauve.

Also uploaded optional Dirt Road file for people who don't like the brick road texture (available under "downloads")! See last screenshot above.

Update 2/10/12 - Added Sexy Whiterun 3.0

DESCRIPTION: I give you Sexy Whiterun 3.0, a near-complete retexturing of the city of Whiterun. Sexy Whiterun 3.0 is a companion piece to my other sexy mods:

Sexy Solitude v1
Sexy Winterhold v2
Sexy Windhelm v1
Sexy Riften v2
Sexy Villages and Towns
Sexy Boats

This new version 3.0 goes beyond the saturation and sharpening of previous versions, as I've retextured 90% of the wood, rock, fabric, and flora of Whiterun using photographs and all manner of digital manipulation to make a more colorful and sexy Nord stronghold. This time out, the textures are all 1024x1024, but, to keep framerates manageable, I've left the normal maps at their 512x512 default sizes (as many of the HQ texture mods do).

So what's new in 3.0? Nearly EVERYTHING! New wood, new stone, new floors, new doors, new walls, new braziers, new stove clutter, stained glass windows...hell, there's even new bark on the tree. The very few vanilla textures I've used have been recolored and blown up using Perfect Resize and sharpened using Nik Software's Sharpener Pro, two tools I use in my photography that do a damned fine job of embiggening things while maintaining detail.

The default version of this mod includes the Blue Roof, which was the most popular of the early releases. However, I've also included two optional files -

Sexy Whiterun 3.0 Red Roofs

Sexy Whiterun 3.0 Yellow Roofs

Note: The above files contain the ROOF textures ONLY. You must install Sexy Skyrim 3.0 first, then pick your color, download and install the roof file, and overwrite when prompted. Et voila, You've got Red or Yellow roofs!

Notes on Using with Bethesda HQ Texture Pack: This mod, like most of the texture mods, doesn't work with the Bethesda HQ textures pack unless you do a few tweaks (or simply disable them, which I recommend as there are much better texture mods out than the official ones!). You can find several workarounds HERE on the Nexus Forums

While I consider this mod "lore friendly" it is NOT for everyone. Those who like the weathered look of vanilla Skyrim should steer clear. Those who like a more fantastical world, ala Oblivion, The Witcher, and Fable, with more vibrant colors, however, should give this one a try!

As with any texture thing I do, it's all for fun and, ultimately, my personal enjoyment. If you don't like it, that's fine, but please don't flame it here as that is AGAINST TOS and your post will be reported. Constructive criticism only, please!

If you use it and like it, an endorsement would be much appreciated! :)

INSTALL: Download with NMM or download manually, copying the "whiterun" folder out of the zip, and dropping it in your "/Data/textures/ architecture" folder. (ie: "Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/textures/architecture/whiterun").

Sexy Whiterun 3.0 is a companion piece to my other sexy mods:
Sexy Solitude v1
Sexy Winterhold
Sexy Windhelm
Sexy Riften
Sexy Villages and Towns

Use them all for an ultra-sexy Skyrim!

Thanks to Bethesda, to whom all of this stuff belongs in the first place!