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A mod that changes almost every artifact in Skyrim to a better one, not overpowered, not underpowered. just perfect.

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For Skyrim Special Edition

If you have no idea which version to download, look at the change log.

Please endorse and report to me any bugs/suggestions, I'm still working on this mod, I've covered pretty most all the artifacts.

This mod aims to make artifacts strong and unique and fixes some bugs. And boost every artifact in a way that makes each of them unique.

I increased armor rate and damage of the artifacts to be above Skyrim's mortal equipment because simply they are either made by immortals, or were wielded/made by legendary heroes. So by sense, they are supposed to be stronger than regular equipment.

NOTE : ALL ARTIFACTS MODIFIED HAVE UNLIMITED CHARGES, this mod aims to give you access to wield your guild or faction's legendary set/weapons and also feel strong. And every artifact represents it's faction abilities. So if you want to be a real nightingale for the rest of the game, so be it, the lack of stats won't hold you back now.

Thus, getting a "strongest item" by doing a 30minute long quest is kind of out of balance, that's why I suggest running this mod only on master-legendary or start getting artifacts after level 30+

About balance : These artifacts are supposed to be a little stronger or as strong as a Daedric equipment with 2 enchantments made by (100skill points)
And I made each unique in their own way, Now the point of it is, you will have to wander and do lots of quests to build up your immortal dragonborn rather than wasting time getting smithing and enchanting to 100, not to mention it feels realistic and goes along with the role.
About value of the artifacts, it makes sense, artifacts are unique and have to be high priced, you can make as much if not more by doing alchemy and making potions. So I consider values balanced. not to mention that merchants buy it for less than the base value.

Discussions and suggestions are welcome, this is not the final version, report to me any bugs or any suggestions, I am looking forward to modify all of skyrim's artifacts hopefully.

The files are ESP, safe to use, safe to remove, should have no issues and quick installation, extract them in your Skyrim/Data

List of the artifacts modded

The Dark Brotherhood artifacts : This faction is about one-shot and x30 sneak damage assassination.

Blade of Woe : This blade was supposed to be "life stealing" blade, I consider stamina a good addition to get that "draining life" feeling
Damage : 12 to 15
Attack speed fix : Attack speed is like any other dagger now
Enchantment : health absorption increased from 10 to 40  ( Added 20 stamina absorption)
Value : 5000

Ancient Shrouded Set :

Armor (Added +50 fortify sneaking)  | Value increased to 3000
Gloves (Added +50 fortify one handed) | Increased value to 2000
Boots (Added + 50 fortify one handed) | Increased value to 2000
Helmet (Added water breathing) increased fortify archery to 50% Increased value to 2000

Shadowmere : is now essential since it respawns anyway and it considered immortal, why let it die in the first place?

The thieves guild artifacts  : Sorry for thieves guild fans but thieves are supposed to be master of stealth, not assassins, so I didn't add double backstab to gloves, just increased sneaking/stealing potential, utility and frost resistance/damage in the nightingale set

Nightingale armor set
: ( Note this only changes the last version of the items, which you require at lv32-46 depending on the item requirements.)

Bow : Increased damage from 19 to 22 Frost damage increased from 30 to 50, Shock damage increased from 15 to 30. Value increased to 5000 (Weapon material changed to glass, now you can upgrade it like any other)

Sword : Increased damage from 14 to 18  value increased to 5000 (weapon material changed to glass)

Armor : Increased stamina from 40 to 100, increased frost resistance from 40% to 85% (maximum cap for resistance) Value increased to 3000
Gloves : Fortify pickpocket increased from 25% to 50% fortify one handed increased from 25% to 50%(Added 50% fortify archery)value increased to 2000
Boots : (Added 50% fortify pick pocket and 50% fortify sneaking) increased value to 2000
Helmet : Fortify illusion increased from 17% to 50% (added fortify archery 50%) Value increased to 2000

Now this set is the GO-TO for marksman and thieves.

Chillrend :Damage nerfed from 15 to 10. Increased frost damage from 30 to 50 Increased paralyze to 3seconds (Added 50 stamina damage) value increased to 5000.

This sword is supposed to be a utility weapon, freezing enemies, of course you reduce their stamina while freezing them, it becomes harder to move. So I nerfed the high damage to make it fit into the lore
Archmage Artifacts
: Archmages should be special, there is not many of them after all :)

Archmage robes hooded  :  All spells cost <35>% less to cast from 15%, +<200> magicka from 50, and magicka regenerates <200>% faster. from 100% Value increased to 10000

Archmage robes : All spells cost <25>% less to cast from 15%, and magicka regenerates <100>% faster from 50% magicka regenerate Value increased to 5000

Archmage boots : All spells cost <15>% less to cast instead of 40% shock resistance Also (added 100% faster magicka regenerate) . Value increased to 5000

: (OVERHAULED) Gauldur Amulter now gives 25% Magic resist and 50% resist for fire,frost and shock. Value increased to 10000

GauldurAmulet : (OVERHAULED) Now every piece of the amulet gives 30% element resistance. value increased to 1000

This necklace is usually obtained late game, because how hard dungeons are and how long the quest is, and by the time you get it, base stats like health stamina magicka start getting less useful because of your level. By then, what we look for is maxing armor,magic and elemental resistances. And pretty much no artifact coveres magic/elemental except otar dragon priest mask, so I modified this necklace to be a GO-TO necklace when you think about building your late game immortal dragon born. The quest is so long and difficult, so it's now worth it. Tho, this necklace is now weak early game, since 100 health will make you survive a lot longer than 25% magic resist.

Staff of Magnus : Tripled the stats , increased value to 10000

Daedric Artifacts

Here we are, the legendary artifacts should be a lot stronger than normal equipment made by mortals.

DawnBreaker : Fire damage increased to 100 from 10, Damage increased to 15
from 12 Value increased to 5000

Ebony Blade : This weapon is interesting, it's really power early and end game, but you have to feed it your friends's lives. so I edited the life absorption scaling to be weaker early, and stronger late. Scaling changed from 10-14-18-22-30 to 5-10-15-25-50 (Added 20 stamina absorption) Damage increased from 11 to 25 Value increased to 5000

Mehrunes Razor : Instakill untouched (Added 25 poison damage) Increased damage from 12 to 15, increased value to 5000

Mace of Molagbal :Damage increased from 16 to 20, (added 25 health absorption) Increased value to 5000

Volendrung : Since it's a heavily stamina absorption based on weapon (Added 50 damage to Stamina) Damage from 25 to 30, increased value to 5000

Ebony Mail :
increased armor rating to 100 from 45 Increased poison cloak damage from 10 to 25. (Added fortify sneak +50%)  Value increased to 5000

This armor is a GO-TO for 2H heavy tanks, the cloak does a decent damage that covers up the damage tanks lack, and the
armor rating increase makes up for matching set perk. Also it is really strong early game armor now.

Ring of Namira : Increased stamina to 100 from 50, Added 25 armor increased value to 5000

Ring of hircines : Added 100 fortify health  Added 25 armor value increased to 5000

Azura's star and the black star value increased to 5000

Sanguine Rose : Summon duration increased to 5 minutes from 1, value increased to 5000

Savior's Hide : This armor is considered useless, I tried but just can't help it, need suggestions for it.
Magic resistance increased from 15% to 25% Poison resistance increased from 50% to 100% added 100% disease resistance. Value increased to 5000
Spell breaker : armor increased to 50 from 38, (added 25% magic resistance) increased value to 5000

skull of corruption : It's balanced so, value increased to 5000

Wabbajack  : It's like dice, left it untouched ( never miss with the percentages if you wanna keep it lore friendly. ) Increased value to 5000

Dragon priest artifacts

Krosis (Added 20% fortify pick pocket)

Volsung : Fortify speechcraft increased from 20% to 50%, carry weight increased from 20 to 100

Nahkriin : (Changed fortify restoration 20% to fortify conjuring 20%)
Since it's a offensive mage mask, restoration made no sense, so I changed it to conjuring. (Classified as no armor) also armor reduced to 0.

Hevnoraak : Increased armor from 23 to 50

Otar : Added 10% magic resistance

Morokei : Magicka regeneration increased from 100% to 200%, Added 200 fortify magicka. (Classified as no armor)

Rahgot : Fortify stamina increased to 100 added 50% stamina faster recovery rate

Vokun : Changed fortify conjuration to fortify restoration (Classified as no armor) Reduced armor to 0

Konahrik : Seriously the enchantment was to disappointing, after collecting the 8 dragon priest masks and fusing them, you get this? I bet only 1 player out of 10.000 manage to do this, this gotta be worth it.

armor increased from 24 to 50 (Added 25% fortify to all magic, desturction, conjuration, restoration, alteration, illusion.) Added 25% fortify shouting, means your shouts are 25% faster to recover. (classified as no armor)

All drgaon masks value increased to 1000 except Konahrik increased to 1000

Other Artifacts :

Neckromancer's amulet : Added 25% fortify destruction increased value to 5000
It's now the GO TO necklace for mages

DragonBane Increased damage to dragons from 30 to 50, increased shock damage from 10 to 30

Dawnguard DLC Artifacts :

Auriel's Bow : This is supposed to be a legendary artifact, a power no one has ever wielded before you, a bow strong enough to command the sun.

Damage increased from 13 to 25, Enchantment sun damage increased to 100 fire damage, 300 against undead value increased to 10000
Both arrows damage increased from 16 to 25, value from 16 to 50

Auriel's Shield
: Increased armor rating from 32 to 50 ( Added 25% Magic resistance) Increased value to 5000

Harkon's Sword :You've defeated the great and oldest vampire in all of skyrim, a immortal being, You now are granted his power. Life absorption.

Absorbs <50> points of Health and 25 points of magicka, stamina if wielded by a vampire. from 15, Increased damage to 15. (Didn't increase it much because this weapon is about life absorption not damage dealing.) Value increased to 10000

Locket of Saint Jiub : Necklace now( adds 100% to speechcraft.) 100 points to stamina instead of 50, 200 points to carry weight instead of 50. and 50 armor, Value increased to 5000

Since it's artifact of a poor weak trader, I added better prices enchantment the game also lacked this enchantment. It's really hard to get this necklace so goodluck.

Dragon born DLC Artifacts:

Miraak Equipment : I only changed the last version of the equipment (Level 60+)

Sword : Enchantment stamina damage increased from 15 to 50. duration increased from 2 to 5 seconds, Weapon damage increased from 16 to 25. Value increased to 10000.

Staff : Enchantment of hentai ops I meant tentacles increased from 15 damage to 50, duration increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds Value increased to 100000

Mask : (Added 50 armor) Now adds 100 magicka, 100 health, 100 stamina instead of 70 magicka, value increased to 10000
Gloves : (Added 25 armor) spell/shout absorption increased from 5% to 10% Value increased to 5000
Boots : (Added 25 armor)  spell/shout absorption increased from 5% to 10% Value increased to 5000
Armor : (Added 50 armor) Spell/shout absorption increased from 15% to 30% Value increased to 10000

Now you absorb 50% of the spells and shouts that hit you, that equals to having 50% magic resist, but also you get 50% of the damage of the spells/shouts as magicka, pretty overpowered, didn't wanna make it 100%.

Note : All of Miraak's armor equipment now count as NO armor This serves Mage armor perk.

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