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A drow follower with optional adoptable version.

Permissions and credits
Special Edition version now available from Gummiel! Check it out!

I have an ongoing story featuring Raeza on my tumblr! Check it out!

Hearthfires: Only for adoptable version.
Relationship Dialog Overhaul - RDO: Only for follower version. Raeza uses a child voice, so this mod is required for her to be recruited as a follower. EFF also may allow you to force-recruit her via its MCM. If you have VVE/MFV, that'll also work, but it has been hidden and you should switch to RDO, which is supported. RIP VVE/MFV.

Though not strictly necessary, I highly recommend Immersive Children! This mod fixes children mods, including Raeza, and fixes issues with child characters using animations meant for adults. See the example screenshots. Raeza is in a couple of them!

Install her with your favorite mod manager or just copy her files into your data directory.

Remove raeza.esp and raeza.bsa, or remove using your mod manager.

Clothing used in screenshots:
Colovian Noble Clothes
Wa Ribbon
Tes4Mod for Skyrim
Linkle Outfit with texture edits (now her default outfit!)
Night Watch Armor
Guilded Doublet
Dark Disciple with Ebony Chestguard mashup (personal use only, sorry)
Orcish Choker from Hmm... What To Wear