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This is an expansion of the original vampiric player home The Shrouded Lair

Permissions and credits
The Shrouded Lair by Mrstiffy was always one of my favorite player homes which reflects a vampiric themed player home. Having reinstalled the original mod a few weeks prior to the time of this writing, I noticed the original mod hadn't been updated in quite some time. This motivated me to contact the author and ask permission to make some changes. Mrstiffy granted such permission and made a master file in which I could build off of.

Download and Installation instructions, please follow these in the order they are presented below:

1. Navigate to The Shrouded Lair and download Part 1 - The Shrouded Lair esm from the Optional Files section. THIS IS THE ONLY FILE YOU NEED!
2. On the same page as previously navigated to, download Part 2 - The Shrouded Lair Resources from the Main Files section.
3. In the files section of The Shrouded Lair Expansion, download the main file.


The entrance to the lair is behind the waterfall above Falkreath.
Start at the saw mill and follow the creek up to the side of the cliff. Then just walk through the waterfall. 
For those of you who can't find the
 key, take the heart from the draugr resting behind the book in Volkynthraad.

Changes made are as follows:
Vampire thralls in the main chamber
Traps when entering the first chamber prior to entering the home, use these to your advantage.
Weapon Plaques
Navmesh fixes
The Weeping Garden has a path to the top of the tower of which contains a way to get the effects of a standing stone. Check the screenshots.
Mannequins in the armory should no longer walk around.

Mrstiffy for the original mod
Lolicept Resources by lolikyonyu
Adrian Von Ziegler for the music used in this mod
And of course Bethesda for Skyrim and the CK

Some teaser shots. Check screenshots for more

8-26-2017: Fixed issue where all interior cells of the home would reset. Also made the captives essential so they wouldn't die upon being fed on too much.
5-23-2017: Finalize navmesh in the crumbling tower per bug report