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A castle of pocket realms in your own plane of oblivion for your vampire or any evil character and followers.

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In the realm where the Shrouded Lair exists there is no sun, only night.
The shrouded lair is a sanctuary for all who hate the light. It is a place ideal for vampires or any dark character. Enjoy the outdoors without fear of the sun through the open windows of the lair or in the exterior areas, all while in permanent sundown. Read the current features below for more info.
Thanks for checking out my mod and enjoy.
This mod requires Dawnguard


- Travel through books to reach each area
- Player bedroom with display cases, personal library with working book cases, study, outfitting area and sleeping coffin.
- Large companion room with a pond/swimming hole, tower with sleeping coffins and lounge area with bartender.
- Armory/display room
- A huge throne room with a spell to teleport you back to the throne from anywhere.
- 3 ghostly merchants that buy and sell
- A library/common area with sandbox markers for your followers and a merchant of magics
- An outdoor area with a poisonous garden and an alchemy tower
- A torture chamber with caged prisoners for feeding
- A unique exterior forge with a crafting merchant
- Enchanting room
- A small unique dungeon
- New weapons
- New models, textures and sound effects

New in 1.7

New in 1.6


The entrance to the lair is behind the waterfall above Falkreath.
Start at the saw mill and follow the creek up to the side of the cliff. Then just walk through the waterfall.
For those of you who can't find the
key, take the heart from the draugr resting behind the book in Volkynthraad.


- Navmesh fixes for followers not following through load doors.
- New weapons that are upgradable can be found in the mannequin room or bought from the forge vendor.
- Added new objects and clutter (new resource download required)
- 3 New vendors that buy and sell
Library - Magic/Enchanting/Alchemy
Forge - Crafting ingredients
Companion area - Blood & booze
- Performance increase in mannequin room
- Various tweaks
- Cleaned dirty edits
- Hostile vampires in entrance no longer respawn
- Slight visual improvements to the feeding dungeon
- Although I couldn't replicate the stair glitch, I attempted to fix it anyway
==== 1.4 ====
Clean out your bookshelves before updating.
- Follower problems leaving the armory display room should be fixed
- Reduced the amount of mist effects in the armory display room in an attempt to increase performance
- Re arranged the book cases in the bedroom in an attempt to get them all to work. It didn't really help. For some reason all cases facing one side wont work.
==== 1.4 beta 2 ====
- Fixed not being able to sleep and wait in The Antechamber
==== 1.4 beta ====
This is a beta version. there is a small bug where a few of the bookcases don't work yet but most of them should work fine.
- Added player bedroom
==== 1.31 ====
- Bug fixes
- Added new weapon
==== 1.3 ====
- Added armory
==== 1.24 ====
Dawnguard DLC now required
- Added some DLC clutter to the lair
- Flipped door markers so you,re looking the right direction after traveling through a book.
- Added a couple of storage containers on the wall behind the Azure Forge book.
==== 1.22 FIX ====
- Fixed teleport spell
==== 1.21 FIX ====
- Fixed respawning chests
==== 1.2====
-Added companion area
- New spell that teleports you to the Shrouded Lair. Learned from a book near the throne.
- New weapon
- Map marker
- More clutter in the torture chamber and the enchanting room
- Idle animations for npc's. Npc's in sandbox mode will browse the library and read books.
==== 1.1====
BEFORE PLAYING completely uninstall any previous versions before installing version 1.1
Here are the new features
- Added a library
- much more clutter, updated scenery and visuals
- fixed forge bug
==Mini Update 1.01==
Added webs, scenery and a bit of clutter to the main hall.


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