Sky Haven Temple - Reforged by Qubzor
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So, Delphine becomes a new Grandmaster of the Blades, they recruit some folks to it in the ruin. I am pissed of that Blades were so badly treated after part which they played in earlier games. I decided to change it.

Changes include:

- Cleaning (no more rubble)
- Renovation of the courtyard
- Adding crafting stations
- Adding more Blades NPC's

- Added Armory with contents
- Deleted NPC's except for smith because of bugs.

Future Plans:

- Making NPC's behaviours (can't figure that out)
- Making NPC's Dragonborn's followers
- Remaking living quarters
- Temple's Shrine
- Scripting new Blades into existing dragon hunt missions and maybe adding more

That's that, i uploaded it mostly for storage and little reminder of my plans. If you have suggestions and maybe can help me with NPC's (never been good with scripts xd), go ahead and PM me.