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Your inventory space is no longer capable of holding several suits of armor at a time. You can carry the clothes on your back and the weapons on your belt without issue, and your armor will likely have some pouches to store some meager supplies, but unless you get a backpack, you likely won't be able to carry much more than that.

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This is a classic 'this unrealistic mechanic has bothered me since day one' scenario. It simply bothers me that you can carry the equipment for an entire legion of soldiers, and still be able to run through the land without ease. Previoulsy, I had alleviated this through another mod, SkyRealism - Capacity, which allowed you to carry what you wore, and not much else. I used it for some time, but I felt it was too simplistic, and didn't handle weapons properly. So, I made my own.

Here's it broken down:
  • With this mod, your character has a small base inventory space.
  • Any equipped items will add onto the capacity, and are essentially weightless.
  • Wearing certain pieces of armor (cuirass, gloves, boots) will give you a slight increase to your carrying capacity. So you can keep a dagger in your boot.
  • The base capacity and added capacity can be set in the MCM, unequip or equip a piece of armor to redo the calculation.
  • This mod keeps track of recently equipped weapons and also adds them onto your capacity. So you can carry one large weapon (greatsword, battleaxe, warhammer, staff), two medium weapons (sword, waraxe, mace), two small weapons (daggers), one ranged weapon (bow or crossbow), as well as a shield without running out of any space.
  • What weapons this mod is currently tracking can also be seen in the MCM.

This mod should be compatible with every other mod, as long as they don't edit the player's carrying capacity frequently. (Requiem is Compatible)
Be sure to disable the mod in the MCM before uninstalling, or you'll be stuck with a small inventory.
I would recommend you install some backpack or pouch mods, but you're all probably using every single one of them.