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Adds over 60 new types of dragons. All with new abilities and dispersed through the leveled lists!

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Aldiun began bringing the dragons back to the world and, although there were a few beings that could slay the dragons and absorbs their souls many dragons are killed by the other denizens of Tamriel and Solsthiem. Due the souls not being absorbed they freely roamed and found other dragon remains and left over Dwemer automatons to reclaim and bring back to life.

Thus has ushered a new era of Dragons. Welcome to the Dawn of the new age of Dragons. 

Odahviing & Durnehviir are much more powerful now on par with revered and legendary dragons. Odahviing will now level with the player. Parthunaax, being Alduins general is much more powerful and has a min level of 25. Just a bit weaker than Alduin. Parthunaax, Odahviing & Durnehviir all level better with the player up to level 500. Alduin is now more powerful than legendary dragons in base stats, has a minimum level of 40 and has a level multiplier of 1.25. Serpentine dragons can appear in Tamriel. Revered and Legendary dragons can appear more on Solstheim.

Loads of new combat options for the dragons such as:
Summoning abilities.
Area of effect spells and abilities.
New items.
2k HD textures.
60+ Completely new types of Dragons.
Over 800 variants of Dragons!!! (YES 800!)

Dragon Types: (Not a full list)
Blizzard Dragon: Conjures a life-leeching blizzard while in combat.
Dracolich: Summons Draugr and can only be harmed by hitting the Essence floating around it.
Dragon Firesage: Launches a steady stream of fire attacks.
Dragon Frostsage: Launches a barrage of frost attacks every ten seconds.
Ice Dragon: Forms a regenerating suit of icy armor.
Inferno Dragon: Conjures short-lived sentient fireballs to overwhelm its foes.
Oblivion Dragon: Summons Daedra to its location wherever it lands.
Shadow Dragon: Vanishes as it flies through the air.
Spectral Dragon: Sends an invulnerable, life-draining mist to devour any enemies.
Twin Dragons: Call an ally to help them.
Wild Dragon: Calls a steady stream of wildlife to their aid.
Wind Dragon: Sends anything nearby flying with its tail bash, landings, liftoffs and breath attacks.

Through the magic of "Splendor - Dragon Variants" bu opusGlass there are now an extra 770 variants of the vanilla dragons!
Information on Splendor:
  • 784 Dragons (from 14 in vanilla game)
  • Greatly enhanced visual diversity
  • Using no external resources
  • Extremely Compatible

By recombining all dragon models and textures included in the vanilla game and DLCs 56 unique model-texture combinations were created. 

Multiply that by 2 breath types (fire and frost) and 7 levels of strength, this maximizes variety while sticking entirely to vanilla mechanics and resources.

Best of all, it's:
100% compatible with any mod that alters the strength/abilities of vanilla dragons.
100% compatible with retextures of vanilla dragons.

Mechanical Dragons Information:

The Encounters
  • The number of dragons has been decreased. You'll only find eleven dragons in total, and one is already dead.
  • Only one dragon guards each ruin now, with the exception of Kagrenzel.
  • Dragons now stay perched until approached.
  • Entirely new placement. Dragons will no longer be found in locations that don't make sense--like Dwarven Ruins that have an encampment of bandits or other human NPCs living outside them. 
  • They will also now be found near some of the "lesser" ruins without interiors. 
  • There are now Mechanical Dragons in Solsthiem and Blackreach.
  • Each encounter area has been carefully prepared and tested for battle. More than 40 unique dragon perch points have been added, meaning dragons will now land on towers, arches, bridges, rocks, rubble, cliffs, and overhangs as they try to kill you, making for some very exciting battles!

The Dragons
  • An extensive new leveled list for Mechanical Dragon encounters that is even more comprehensive than vanilla dragon encounter lists. 
  • Eight different leveled dragons with increasingly powerful shouts and bite attacks, and new stats to go along with them.
  • As a result, dragons will now scale much better with players, making battle exciting at all levels. 
  • Dragons should scale well for characters at least up to level 90.
  • Fire resistance was scaled back for lower leveled dragon encounters, but will now increase to full immunity at higher levels (dragons are already immune to frost and poison, and resistant to magic, like all Dwemer Animunculi).
  • Made dragons slightly more vulnerable to shock damage to balance their other resistances.
  • Removed a perk that Mecha Dragons shared with normal dragons, which previously granted them the ability to resist 50% of all damage dealt to them by anyone besides the Dragonborn.

Additional Notes
  • Dragons WILL re-spawn during normal cell reset.
  • Fair Warning: Be prepared before heading to Kagrenzel (and have fun once you get there!)
  • If you would like, you can summon your own Dwarven Dragon by crafting a "Dragon Automaton Cube" from the Mecha Dynamo Core you will find on any that you kill. Head to your nearest smelter. (I have also updated this summon spell from the original mod to require two hands to cast--summoning a giant dragon with the effortless wave of one hand just looked... awkward :-D).

Some of these Dragons are soul-lees because they are weak and travel in packs.
(This makes them not really true dragons just a by product of the heightened dragon activities).

You "may" encounter tough ass dragons from time to time. Just drop me a post here if you find one and I'll level it better. Thanks.

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Dwarven Mechanical Dragons - Guardians of Kagrenzel Edition by egocarib 
Dragons Diversified by LoginToDownload 
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Splendor - Dragon Variants by opusGlass 

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