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A new look for Mjoll.

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  • Polish
I received quite a few requests to release my char saves after uploading some images of her to the nexus, so here she as as a follower!
I also felt that Mjolls disposition and voice fit my char well.

There are 2 options, Black hair and Blonde. Sigrun, my char, has black hair but as Mjoll is called 'The Lioness' I felt a Blonde version may satisfy those that prefer things a little more lore friendly.

Install with NMM to save any headaches!

Dark Face bug? Conflicts?
This is a very simple mod and 99.9% of issues can be corrected by sorting your load order properly.
If Mjolls face doesnt look right/darker or has no warpaint simply use LOOT to sort your load order.
If problems persist force this mod to load after any other mods affecting Mjoll in any way, you can use tes5edit to check for conflicts.

No mods required. If your using a texture mod she may look different.
I recommend XCE face textures.

Enjoy! And don't forget to endorse if you liked it!

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