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A very small but cozy player home in Riften's lower level, for a common gypsy/thief/low-level character type.

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This mod adds a tiny player home in the lower canal decks of Riften, next to Romlyn Dreth's house. I made it for my simple gypsy character, so it's only a small room without luxury. I made an attempt to turn the cold and damp stone rooms beneath Riften into something cozy and homey, with lots of small and unique details.

This is a house for a common low-level character and no great warrior or a hoarder, so it includes only:
cooking pot,
alchemy lab,
shrine of Kynareth,
and enough storage room.

The house is unlocked, and the area is navmeshed, so NPCs should have no problems entering.


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Mods used in screenshots: Noble Skyrim, Rustic Clutter, Rugnarok, Peltapalooza, Realistic HD Food, RealVision ENB