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A simple, intuitive camping mod for Skyrim.

Build a campfire and pitch a tent, using only existing items with no spells/powers added.

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Simple camping for Skyrim

Campsite is a simple camping mod that allows the player to build a campfire and pitch a tent. Campsite is built in the vanilla style using only existing items. It is designed to feel like an unintrusive, optional extra feature of the game that isn't noticed when not used. While camping mods with extra features already exist, I wanted to create something simple without a perk tree, new items, spells or powers added to the magic menu.

Campsite is designed for players who just want the ability to camp while travelling, or set up a more permanent campsite to use as a home or to store items.


Build campfires by clicking on firewood in your inventory
Add a cooking pot to your campfire (cooking pots are now purchasable from general goods merchants as well as found throughout the world)
Purchase 4 different types of tent, each of which can be configured in 3 different ways
Pitch your tent anywhere in the open world, except for near/within settlements
Choose a function for your tent. A bedroll is there by default, but you can remove it and use your tent for cutting firewood for your campfire, storing items, or even smithing if it's a large tent.
Fully integrated with the vanilla style - no unimmersive messages or menu clutter
Placed items will align with the terrain automatically, or will be returned to your inventory with a warning if terrain is too uneven/steep
Simple and lightweight with no background scripts

All of the information required to use this mod can be found in Skyrim's help menu, but you can read on if you'd like to know a bit more about how it works before installing. A basic guide is also shown the first time a campfire/tent is placed. If you're having difficulty using the mod, then please read this before asking for help.


If you have 3 or more firewood in your inventory, you can click on it to build a campfire. Choose between a large campfire (5 firewood) or a small campfire (3 firewood).

"Activating" your campfire will give you several options:
 - Ignite/Extinguish/Clear up
 - Add a cooking pot
 - Add a map marker

Campfires can be ignited and extinguished using spells as well as through the menu
Burning campfires will run out of fuel after 12 hours (large) or 8 hours (small) unless you have the "infinite campfires" add-on installed, in which case they will burn until manually extinguished.
To add a cooking pot to your campfire, you must have a cooking pot in your inventory. These can be purchased from general goods merchants or found throughout the world. Cooking pots already existed as a clutter item, campsite just makes them "takeable".
Map markers will only appear on your map when the world map is refreshed by the game. This can take a long time! To force the game to reload the map, save your game and then load the save.
Extinguished/burnt out campfires can safely be left in the world. They will continue to smoke for 10-20 minutes. You can add more firewood to them to renew them before igniting them again. You can also clear them up if you wish by using the menu.


If you have a tent in your inventory, you can click on it to place it in the world.
The types (all of which already existed in the game) are:
 - Fur tent
 - Cloth tent
 - Large tent (Large fur tent)
 - Imperial tent (Large cloth tent)
Tents can be purchased from general goods merchants. Fur tents can also be crafted at a tanning rack. Imperial tents must be purchased from Imperial quartermasters or the stall at the East Empire Company Warehouse.

"Activating" a tent will give you several options:
 - Pack away
 - Choose function

The chosen function determines what furniture will be in your tent. A tent can only serve one function at a time. Here's each function and a rough idea of what you'll get (exact furniture varies per tent):

 - Bedroll (Large tents get two, Imperial tents get two cots)

 - Crafting furniture (eg tanning rack, woodcutting block)
 - Clutter (eg firewood pile)

 - Storage containers (eg barrel)
 - Clutter (eg crate)

General Info

Tents/campfires don't ever despawn unless packed away/cleared up by the player. All storage containers are safe.
Tents/campfires will automatically align with the terrain they are placed on.
Tents/campfires cannot be placed inside buildings, within or adjacent to cities, on rough/steep terrain
If add a map marker to your campsite and fast travel to it, you will arrive facing the campfire from the same direction you were facing it when you created the map marker
Manually cleaned with TES5Edit, all USLEEP changes forwarded
Campsite is designed to be compatible with everything - it makes few changes to existing records that could cause conflicts with other mods and mostly works through adding new ones
Campsite has been extensively tested before release to ensure there are no bugs or inefficiencies

The no smoke addon exists in case the smoke effects don't look right with your lighting mod/ENB (extra glare) or you just don't like them. It doesn't have an esp - the addon's "CampfireBurningScript" removes smoke from burning fires, and "CampfireDeadScript" removes smoke from extinguished fires. Let them overwrite the original scripts.

Items used by this mod and changes made (all of which are vanilla items, no new items are added):
 - Firewood - Click to build a campfire
 - Cooking pot - Now "takeable" and available for sale at general goods stores
 - Fur/cloth/large/imperial tent - Can be purchased and pitched by the player (existing tents in the world are not affected)

If you'd like to give yourself a tent via the console, use these commands:
player.additem xx014C13 - fur tent
player.additem xx014C14 - cloth tent
player.additem xx014C15 - large tent
(where xx is the position of the mod in your load order)

If you complete the Civil War quest for the Stormcloaks, killing every Imperial quartermaster, and also kill Victoria Vici (which may happen due to options chosen in other quests), you will no longer be able to obtain Imperial tents as you will have killed all of the vendors.
If for some reason you are not using the unofficial patch, the East Empire Company stall will be broken (vanilla bug) and you will not be able to purchase Imperial Tents from Victoria Vici. Note that many mods conflict with the unofficial patch, so even if you have it install this still may be broken by another mod.

The firewood texture used by newly built campfires is taken from somerandomguy83's HQ Tree Bark mod.


Find your nearest general goods merchant/Khajiit caravan and buy a fur/cloth tent from them (or more than one if you like). Alternatively, craft a fur tent at a tanning rack.
Buy/find a woodcutters axe and cooking pot.
Find a suitable location, somewhere reasonably flat and even without trees/rocks.
Stand in front of where you want to pitch your tent and click on it in your inventory.
Activate your newly placed tent, select "Choose function" followed by "Crafting".
Chop some firewood using the wood chopping block next to your crafting tent.
Stand in front of where you want to build your campfire and click on firewood in your inventory.
Activate your newly built campfire and choose "Add cooking pot".
Activate your campfire and choose "Ignite" or alternatively use a fire spell.
Change your tent's function back to sleeping again, or pitch a second tent to sleep in.


I added a map marker but it's not showing on the world map!
The game has to reload the world map before the map marker will be visible. If you like you can force it to do this by saving your game and then loading the save.

There's no "Add cooking pot" option!
You need to have a cooking pot in your inventory. They can be purchased from general goods merchants, Khajiit caravans, or found throughout the world.

My fire is extinguished but there's still smoke coming out of it!
Extinguished fires will continue to smoke for 10-20 minutes

What happens if I don't clear up after myself and leave lots of dead campfires lying around?
Nothing. I do this, it reminds me of previous campsites if I stumble across one. And then I can just add firewood to the dead campfire instead of placing a new one.

The no smoke/infinite campfires addon isn't working!
The addon must be installed after the main file (for MO users that's your left pane order) and allowed to overwrite the main file's scripts. You can't really use both addons at once since they both overwrite the same scripts. It'll only start working on campfires created after it's installed, campfires that are already burning/smoking before the addon is installed won't change.

I'm standing in front of flat ground, but it's saying the terrain isn't appropriate!
There may be a steep gradient you haven't noticed from the angle you're facing, or perhaps there's a small change in terrain immediately in front of you. Try moving a little to the left or right or facing the site from another angle.

When is an SSE version coming?
An SSE version is being worked on, it will be released soon.

How do I uninstall this?
I don't recommend uninstalling any mod, although Campsite is quite lightweight. Just make sure there are no tents/campfires (even dead ones) left in the world.


Occasionally clicking firewood will not offer any menu to allow the player to build a campfire. Dropping a single piece of firewood and picking it up again will fix this. Remember the menu will only show when you have at least 3 firewood in your inventory.
The terrain detection used by this mod is designed to be lenient. While usually it will prevent you from camping on rough/steep terrain, it may occasionally let you away with pitching a tent rather precariously. I figured this was better than it being too strict and occasionally preventing you from camping somewhere perfectly appropriate.
Terrain detection does not include some objects such as trees or rocks. It is up to the player to have the sense not to camp inside a tree.