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Ever felt that the wilds of Skyrim were a little bare? This customizable mod adds and alters forests in Morthal, Eastmarch, and the Reach, giving your game a new feeling.

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The Forests of Skyrim

I don't know about you, but when I first read about Skyrim in earlier games, I pictured a vast, untamed land full of
thick forests and woods. The sort of forests you could get lost in, like in Oblivion. Unfortunately in Skyrim, there are maybe only
two forests in the whole game you can really lose yourself in: Falkreath and The Rift, and both of those Holds have giant lakes in the middle!
I'm not sure why Bethesda was so afraid of trees, probably console limitations, but I've gone through and added over 5000 new trees to the province.
This mod is highly modular, just download what holds you want to be changed. It should go without saying though that many mods are
going to be incompatible, especially housing mods, but I'm more than willing to make compatibility patches for some of the more popular mods out there.

The Reach

The Reach is the area that has undergone the most dramatic change with this mod. According the PGE, it supposedly looks very similar to the wild
highlands of Wayrest. I never imagined Wayrest, a very "French" land, to look so rocky and bare. Make no mistake, the Reach is still a craggy place full of
soaring mountains and juniper bushes, but now it too has mystical Falktreath-style forests and plenty of pines in the rocky river valleys.


Eastmarch always felt a tad bare to me. Yes, there are the sulfuric lakes and tar pits, but I felt like such a broad area needed some forestation.
I went for a Yosemite Park vibe, and hopefully it shows. New ground and grass textures are included to make Eastmarch look a little less dead.


Less of a forestation mod, and more of an alteration of an existing forest. I wanted morthal to look dead, but I didn't want to just flat out remove all
of the trees. So I simply replaced the vast green pines with the dead winter aspens from the Dawnguard DLC. The result is a very spooky moor.

Please let me know what you think!