Final Fantasy Noctis Outfit and Carbuncle Summon by Faelrin
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This nexusmods release is the original and only official release of this mod for the original Skyrim. It is the only release for the original Skyrim that I will provide support for. Any redistribution of this mod is to be considered stolen, and downloaded at your own risk.

Skyrim Special Edition nexus release here:

Noctis Outfit:
Requires Dawnguard. This mod provides a new armor set created from the vampire armor, and other assets, based off of the outfit of Final Fantasy XV's Noctis. It can be crafted from the leather category and tempered the same as leather armor. The set has about the same stats as the vampire armor. There is also weight slider support and is for male characters only. There may be some minor clipping between the hands and glove when equipping weapons or spells, but it is beyond my ability to fix.

Carbuncle Summon:
Adds a spell to summon Carbuncle, based off the one in Final Fantasy XV, though a little different still. The spell is tied to the Alteration skill and the novice Alteration perk. The spell lasts for 5 minutes and has a spell cost of 100. Carbuncle is set to be cautious, but may help in battle still, and is at level 4, so has weak stats. For now to get the spell, just open up the console (using ~), type "help carbuncle 0" and use the player.additem command to add the spell tome to your inventory.

Noctis Outfit:
Update 1.1: Replaced the broken bsa and bsl files with the loose files. Please download again, if you downloaded earlier.
Update 1.2: Optimized the textures.

Bethesda for Skyrim, Dawnguard, and the High Resolution Texture Pack.
Square-Enix for the character outfit concept that I based this armor off of, as well as the Carbuncle creature concept, for which the summon was based off (though no assets from their game were used).

Permissions/Terms of Use:
Please click on the Perms button above and read everything before doing anything with my mod or my mod's assets. This includes, but is not limited to: using my mod in videos, uploading my mod to other websites, porting my mod for other games, translating my mod, selling my mod or my mod's assets, using my mod or my mod's assets with monetization enabled, and/or using my mod's assets in another mod.