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A savegame manager for Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V Savegame Manager

Update 3.01 by Starcom
- Fixed MO2 issue with the path to the language files

Update 3.0 created by Starcom
- Adding multilanguage system
- Adding French translation (Gui & Help)
- Gui arrangements
- Change format of displayed Playtimes
- Correct the refresh of the cleanup button
- No need to restart TESVSGM when switching between Skyrim and Skyrim SE

Update 2.9

Fixed the bug in "Scan for new profiles", thanks fixitman333 for the bug report
Deletes now in the waste bin and not directly
Fixed the SKSE file handling

Update 2.6
- Support for Skyrim SE
- Shows Screenshot of actual save (removed the Race Pictures)
- Option for new game (copy existing profile to new profile)
- tabbed options and main screen

Update 2.2
- better Support for Mod Organizer
- parameters for the executable are now possible
- initial startup and backup speedup

Update 2.1
- Bugfix for the Cleanup per game time option. 
- Option to always do a backup before cleanup
- new status bar with more information about the existing save games

New function: When you use the cleanup per game time option it will delete all the files that have a smaller game time as the calculated one if one exception. Example: So if you have a gaming time of 25 hours and you whant to keep 7 hours it would delete all the files with a gaming time smaller than 18 hours. But if you only have savegames at 15, 17, 19 and 21 gaming hours, the old version kept only savegame 19 and 21, the new version will keep 17, 19 and 21. So is will keep the at least the defined gaming time (but sometime much more).


This is a complete rework of the original mod (which can be found here) by RedawgTS (thanks for the permission).

This tool can help you managing your diffent player and their savegames. The main function is to keep the different savegames of the different Skyrim characters seperately in subdirectories. In the tool you can easily select the character you want to play and then start Skyrim with this character. 

A second functionality is to cleanup the savegames either by amount of files or by gaming time. When you choose the amount of files, the cleanup will keep this amount of savegames during cleanup (e.g. 10 savegames). If you choose the gaming time option, the tool will keep this amount of gaming time, independently how many save games files this are. So if want to save e.g. 5 hours of gaming time and you save very often, the tools will keep many files. If you save only every half an hour, you will end up with only 10 files. You can specify a minimum of files to keep (e.g. 5 files), means even if the gaming time limitation would delete more file, the tool will keep this amount of files as a minimum. 

A third functionality is to do backups of either the current character or all characters to a backup location. 


  1. Unpack the folder "TESVSGM" to your hard drive. 

  2. Run TESVSGM.exe and update the options under File -> Options

  3. Select "Profiles" -> "Scan for new profiles" . This will identify the characters and will move the savegames into seperate subdirectories. 

  4. Select the profile you want to play from the dropdown list 

  5. Select “File” -> “Options” to set a custom executable to launch (e.g. skse_loader.exe) or leave the default 

  6. Click "Play" button to launch Skyrim and play with the active profile 

  7. Done

How to uninstall:

If you have saved any games since using this program:
  • select "Savegames" -> "Open Active Profile Folder"
  • select "Savegame" -> "Open Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V Savegame Folder"
  • copy all files in the active profile folder to the original savegame folder. Your saves from before using TESVSGM still exist in the original 'standard' saves folder.
  • switch your profile to STANDARD.
  • delete the savegame manager and it's ini file.

If you haven't saved any game since using this program:
  • switch your profile to STANDARD. you're saves from before using TESVSGM still exist in the original 'standard' saves folder.
  • delete the savegame manager and it's ini file.

This program is based on digitalfun's Fallout 3 Savegame Manager so special thanks to him for releasing the source code. digitalfun's original tool can be found here.


  • See the Screenshot directory for an example setup.

  • Drop a 150x200 jpg or bmp in the savegame folder and the savegame manager will display it. Or drop it onto the existing picture and it will be replaced. (Note: this does NOT work wth the STANDARD profile)

  • It wasn't tested with the steam cloud.

  • When you choose a profile a line will be added to your Skyrim.ini under

  • [General]: SLocalSavePath=TESVSGM\<ProfileNameHere>\

  • Change the file that will be launched when clicking the "Play"-Button. 

  • Select "File" -> "Options" to set the executable to start with

  • If your save games are located in a different location (Skyrim SE) you can edit the ini file and set the location manually

  • SaveGameFolder=D:\Dokumente\My Games\Skyrim


    Do a Backup of the active or of all profiles before you run the clean up. You can clean up the save games by keeping a fixed amount of files or to keep a fixed amount of gaming time.Option Files: When a clean-up runs it will delete all save games except the newest n files (default is 15)Option GamingTime: You can specify the days/hours/minutes of gaming time you want to keep. When the cleanup runs it will delete all older files than the current gaming time minus the specified time. So if you are at gaming time 20 Days 10 Hours and 10 Minutes and you want to keep 1 Day, 12 hours the cleanup will delete all older files than gaming time 18 Days 22 Hours 10 Minutes. The default is to keep 5 hours of gaming time.If you save often more files will be kept, if you save only rarely less files will be kept. You can specify a minimum of files to keep, even if the specified gaming hours to save would delete more. The default of files to keep is 10.

The version for Fallout 4 can be found here.