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A bunch of presets with custom textures for the User Interface!

-Dark Souls

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Customizable UI Replacer comes from an idea of revolutionize the UI in skyrim, bored of the same bland and opaque skyrim UI? well this is the right mod for you!

It uses popular UI mods as base and provides 6 different presets you can freely choose and test for yourself.

This video is from 5.2 and doesn't show the new icons from 5.4*
Credits Inpa Skyrim

Customizable UI Replacer is basically a texture replacer, it works with mods that change or add stuff to the UI and changes them with custom textures.
It also configures your HUD for each preset, you can see the full HUD of each preset in the images section for more information.
This mod doesn't add a plugin, as I said it's literally a texture replacer mod plus the xmls (FISS files) for each preset to load in game.

The following UI objects have their textures changed:

- Player Bars
- Enemy Health
- Arrow Icon
- Charge Meters
- Level UP Meter
- Compass
- Clock (A Matter Of Time)
- Astrolabe (A Matter Of Time)
- Gold, Carry Weight, Level Icons (Widget Mod)
- Lock On (Lock On mod)
- Quick Menu (Souls Quick Menu)

Customizable UI Replacer doesn't work alone, it provides custom textures for the following mods, so you need to download them (endorse them as well please!) before installing CUIR:

- SkyHUD - Requirement - SkyHUD Version
- Less Intrusive HUD with the FISS patch in the optional Files - Requirement - Less Intrusive HUD Version
- A Matter Of Time - Requirement
- Widget Mod - Optional (Highly recommended)
- FISS - Requirement

Once you got all the requirements installed, download and install CUIR choosing the preset you want, overwrite all.
In game go to A Matter Of Time, Widget Mod and Less Intrusive Hud(SkyHUD doesn't have a mcm) and load the presets.

For more information, a clear and a really well explained way to install this mod correctly please read the PDF User Manual inside the docs file, it has everything from installation to how to change/tweak your hud.
I won't reply any questions that are already answered in the PDF.

Q: Does this work with x,y,z?
It's compatible with every mod that doesn't modify the hudmenu.swf or gtx, for more information please visit the skyhud or less intrusive hud mod pages.

Q: I can't see the icons for gold, carry weight and level!
You will need to install Widget Mod to see those icons, the time icon comes from A Matter of Time.

Q: My game CTD when I engage combat!
This is a bug that occurs when you use Floating Health Bars with either skyhud or less intrusive hud, to fix it follow these instructions.

  • Move these files: floatingwidget.swf, hud_extension.swf, hud_extension_config.txt
  • From "Data\Interface\Exported"
  • To "Data\Interface"

Q: How can I hide the player bars?
I set the player bars permanent in every preset, you can easily change this following these steps:
SkyHUD Version
Go to skyhud.txt and change this

Less Intrusive HUD Version
Go to Less Intrusive HUD MCM - HUD Visibility tab - uncheck the option "Always Show HUD bars"

Q: How can I edit/move/tweak the HUD?
If you are using the skyhud version then you will need to edit the skyhud.txt.
If you are using the Less Intrusive Hud version you can edit the HUD in game.
For more information about this please read the PDF User Manual.

Q: My bars don't appear, they look wrong, wrong position, the hud isn't in the right position!
Possible answers:
-You don't have the correct resolution, I use 1920x1080 and I made the presets using that resolution. If you have another resolution, you will have to tweak the HUD yourself, there isn't other way around.
-You have a compability issue, probably another mod using hudmenu.swf
-Make sure this mod overwrites everything or at least the requirements, why? because it comes with the xml files for each presets so you need them to load the HUD correctly, in the case of skyhud it also comes with its own skyhud.txt.

Q: is it compatible with other hud mods?
-As I said yes, it is compatible with other mods as along as they don't change the hudmenu.swf or gtx for example:
- iHUD
- Frostfall
- MoreHud
I'm going to make a frostfall preset with custom textures in the next updates :)

Q: I can't see my enemy healthbar please help!!
-If you use the Skyhud version then there's a bug with iHUD, for some reason the Y parameter in the skyhud.txt doesn't have an effect when iHUD is active.
Solution: after installing the mod, in game go to iHUD MCM menu and deactivate it, save and quit the game. Load your save and activate iHUD, the enemy health bar should be fine now. (thanks ghilean for posting this solution in the skyhud comments)

- If you use Less Intrusive HUD, this may happen if you have a different resolution than mine but I haven't identified the true source yet.
Solution: Use the HUD configurator from less intrusive HUD, select the enemy health bar and grab it down until you can see it.

A list of my recommend mods to use along with Customizable UI Replacer:

- iHUD
- Experience 
Sovngarde Font
Display level enemy
Floating Damage
Quick loot

-Lordconti2 - MINIMAL HUD
-Skyamigo - A MATTER OF TIME
-Fhaarkas - SKYHUD
-Stradivuckos/Himika - Lock-On by himika
-Mist and Fozar Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer
-isoku - INEED
-schlangster and skyUI team - SkyUI
-psychosteve -  SkyUI icons
-Er hong for your inspirational youtube videos
-Wenderer - FOMOD creation tool

Please go download and endorse those mods!
All textures and assets belong to their respective authors and games.