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An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins can actually wear proudly. Lore friendly. Female only.

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Truly Light Elven Armor
An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins actually can wear proudly.
Lore friendly. Female only.
Pictures and comments in the Post section (button just up here) are very well-accepted. :D

Matching armors? _________________________________________________________________________________
Truly Light Elven armor (male)
Truly Light Glass Armor

What is it? _______________________________________________________________________________________
A replacer for the vanilla Elven Armor (heavier version, i.e. not the Elven-light one), including:
main armor, boots, gauntlets, helmet (1st person of armor, 1st gauntlets, 0-1 weight versions).
As for the Truly Light Glass Armor the mod points to the vanilla textures, that is, all mods replacing the vanilla female elven armor textures will work fine on this armor too.
A video of the armor was kindly provided HERE by AbsoluteAesthetic
This armor works with any body, texture mod, and animation skeleton.
Most of the pics on the top of the page use the aMidianBorn Elven Armor by CaBaL retexture (i.e. change the colors)
In my opinion, dark retextures suit perfectly for assassins and are fully within the aim of this mod.

Versions ________________________________________________________________________________________________
The following main files are ready for download (standalone version will be ready soon):
- Replacer– DEFAULT NMM - it simply substitutes the shape used by Skyrim,
  i.e. all the female elven armor (not the elven-light one though) will look like this;
- Standalone MALE AND FEMALE (all the other elven armors will stay unchanged, you will be the only one having this armor
  after producing it at any forge, elven smithing is needed). The .ESP file was kindly provided by jchernandez
  If you have already the female only standalone and want the male too, you only need to overwrite the former.
- Standalone (FEMALE ONLY) (all the other elven armors will stay unchanged, you will be the only one having this armor
  after producing it at any forge, elven smithing is needed). The .ESP file was kindly provided by jchernandez

 >> the following files are still version v1.0a
- 7BASE conversion by Diablio (large breast and thigs)
- UNPB conversion by Diablio (large breast)
- UUNP-bodyslide conversion by Diablio
   Diablio was that kind to make those conversions to be uploaded here. Thay are all ready for download as MAIN files,
   obviously choose only one or they will over-ride each other.

- bodyslide sliders for morphing the armor to CBBE body shape by vindicator1219 (replacer and standalone)
- instructions for new users for applying the sliders by vindicator1219

Ported Versions _______________________________________________________________________
- XBoxOne version by KnownN16htmare (Fury) on the Bethesda site HERE
- SSE version HERE

Former Versions _______________________________________________________________________
v1.4 all previous errors are fixed :D
v1.1-1.3b in random order: small clippings on thigh, gountlets in 1st view, large piece of plate above the knee, displacement of the body on weight 1.0 
v1.0 missing a piece of leg under the back of the knee when wearing boots

Related Mods _________________________________________________________________________
aMidianBorn BookOfSilence - Truly Light Elven (F) by jchernandez EXTENDED TO THE MALE VERSION
A patch for TL-ElvenArmors (Male and Female Standalone) for aMidianBorn textures + WAFR-CCOR + Frostfall / SummermystV3.
Lela - a standalone follower mod by Maydragon75 
Nexus Skyrim Overhaul by Kelsenellenelvian
Vanilla Outfits BodySlided (with HDT-PE) for CBBE by Gosthy - RenaPG - Vitala

Why are you claiming this to be truly light? _________________________________________________
- A heavy armor is planned to cover the body completely as it is needed for a field battle; no matter if it is bulky, heavy, noisy, and prevents some movements. In my opinion the vanilla elven armor is close to this kind of armor.
- A light armor should be planned to be silent, light, and avoid to prevent movements; no matter if some parts of the body are poorly covered. That is: rigid plates should not cover mobile parts (prevents movements), no jingling parts like chain
mail or rigid/hard parts skirt, caution with mobile joints (could be noisy and/or prevents movements). I tried to bring the vanilla elven armor back to this idea.

About the material _____________________________________________________________________________________
All the TES Elven Armors seem to be made with a flexible metal, in the TES5 version (and mine too) the golden feathers are mobile, the bands on the body can easily twist, and the parts covering the thighs are bended and fixed on the back side. 
All these details were also in the vanilla version, even if mostly covered by the leather skirt.
That is, the material of this armor (mainly made of moonstone) is rather flexible, say like a thin carbon steel sheet: you can bend it easily but it is really hard to pierce or cut it. The metal could be quite thin and be covered [glued] in the inner side by leather, obtaining a light, flexible, and noise free armor. Smart those elves! 
Questions and answers__________________________________________________________________________________
Are you going to produce a male version?
   Well,this is not scheduled yet. If you will produce the mail version from this armor you are welcome (please cite this page). If I receive a lot of PMs asking for male version I can consider it as a priority.

How can I have the same color for the armor (texture) and why the color in the pics changes?
   My mod changes the shape of the armor, not the color. But it works perfectly also with the mods changing the color of the vanilla (i.e. original non modded game), called retextures or texture replacers. You have to install one of those. I suggest the one I gave the link above.

Does it work with CBBE body type?
- look at the sliders in the Files section
- look at "related mods" Vanilla Outfits BodySlided (with HDT-PE) for CBBE

- The two types of body (UNP and CBBE families) are actually not compatible only if bare skin is shown. This because the two families have a different structure of their UV maps. Imagine to cut a journal for wrapping a cube, the UV of a side is the corresponding square you cut on the journal. More technically, the UV map is the map of 2D coordinates saying to each triangle of the 3D mesh where to find the texture (color) to show. The nude body of UNP and CBBE cut the jounal in a different way. So, if you use a CBBE skin texture on an UNP nude body, the UNP will point the texture (i.e. cut the journal) in a wrong place (way). This armor does not show skin, so NO ISSUES of UV type.
- CBBE-family and UNP-family also differ here and there in their shape, but each family has a body type close to the corresponding one in the other family. So large breast CBBE are quite similar to large breast UNP bodies, the same for the tiny ones, and for the medium size. If the body is covered by an armor or a not too tight-wrapping dress, the difference between the families disappears. In case of this armor, I expect only some very minor difference to be visible.
- Caliente (Author of the "Caliente Beautiful Body Edition", CBBE) also provided a modding tool able to reshape armors and dresses, bodyslide. That tool, if correctly installed, can also automatically adapt armors and dresses that are especially prepared for that tool. That is the case of the UUNP-bodislide conversion kindly provided by Diablio. For sake of completeness Diablio said: "the armor doesn't have nude-body meshes, so its the same thing, if anyone want CBBE they can create in with the UUNP Bodyslide that I have done."

Does it work with UNP body type?
Yes. It is shaped on my personal body, which is based on DG_1 (which in turn is based on UNP_1 normal). Actually for weight_1 the stomach of my body is much flatter, and weight_0 is different from UNP and DG but for the armor the difference is really small. For other UNP-family Diablio kindly provided some conversions (UNPB, 7BASE and UUNP-bodyslide).

For Modders__________________________________________________________________________________________
I need a someone able to build a simple quest for the "Dibella Relic Armor".
The armor is nearly ready (I'm working on the male version). A lore friendly story is ready (but negotiable), I can help as Papyrus scripter. The Idea to publish armor and quest nearly the same day with a link among them in the respective Nexus pages. If you are a bit interested PM me, please. :D
Blender 2.49b
BSA browser
Bone weight copy Script
Mesh X Mirror for Modders Blender Script v1.3
Mesh_0 Generator Blender Script
Growlfs TES5 Blender Animation Chain by Growlf <<<<<<<<<< trust me, use it!

Growlf        for the “Growlfs TES5 Blender Animation Chain”, without this modder resource the fine-tuning
                  of the movement of the feathers have would been impossible.
Dimon99     forUNP body
Petrovich    for Dream Girl body
Bethesda    for Skyrim
The Nexus  for being there (thanks to the Divines!)
My friends  for the pictures you see on the top of the page and
                 for beta-testing and
                 for their sustain during the whole work for the production of this mod:

                      floydwanderer (a restless bug-hunter)
Diablio      for the body conversions (thanks a lot!)
AbsoluteAesthetic for his video!
jchernandez    for the .ESP file for the Standalole versions (thanks a lot!)

vindicator1219 for the sliders converting to CBBE 
To get the armor immediately __________________________________________________________
Type in the console (\ button while playing):      player.additem CODE 1
where the elven armor CODEs are:
Boots             0001391A
Armor            000896A3
Gauntlets       0001391C
Helmet           0001391D