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This mod adds content from Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn to the world through leveled lists, merchants, and manual placement of objects. Its purpose is to incorporate the DLC into the base game in ways that make sense, but were left out for various reasons.

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DLC Integration

DLC Integration is a mod that enhances the game world with content from Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. It requires the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. If you have the Special Edition, download the mod here. To install, use a mod manager or copy the .esp and mesh to Skyrim's Data folder. This version is also available on the Steam Workshop.


  • 1/8 of all bandit archers use crossbows rather than bows. Steel appears starting at level 6 and Dwarven starts at level 19, but with only a 1/6 chance. The enhanced variants and exploding bolts are still a Dawnguard specialty*. These enemies drop up to 15 Steel or Dwarven bolts, but have an infinite supply like all archers unless you disable that through Skyrim.ini or another mod.
  • Crossbows and bolts are found in bandit loot, but this is uncommon. It makes sense that most crossbows bandits obtain will be equipped, not stored in a chest somewhere. To be exact, 1/110 of all loot weapons are crossbows and another 1/110 are bolts.
  • Reavers on Solstheim use these leveled lists, so crossbows can be found there as well (this is not a change, but a result of the previous two features).
  • Dragonbone weapons are found in leveled lists starting at level 50, but 1/20 as often as other weapons. These appear in the same lists as Daedric weapons, though not all of them.
  • Yellow mountain flowers can be grown in the garden or greenhouse of player-built homes.
  • The Shellbug Helmet requires the Advanced Armors perk to craft. This perk already unlocked the tempering recipe.
  • Chaurus Hunter Antennae are now considered a rare ingredient, so alchemy shops will occasionally sell them and they will appear in Falmer loot.
  • Calcelmo has a Dwarven crossbow in his laboratory under careful study. I was going to put it in the museum, but the crossbow doesn't fit in the display cases correctly. The bonus to placing it in the laboratory is to make it quest-locked, so you can't just steal it at the beginning of the game.
* Note: If you ask Durak what weapon he uses, he will say "Never seen a crossbow before? Not surprised. Kind of a Dawnguard specialty. Nothing better for putting down vampires." You can interpret his words to mean the Dawnguard uses crossbows far more than anyone else. They are not unique to this faction, however, because crossbows were featured in Morrowind.

  • Added an oven to the Blue Palace kitchen, plus 2 sacks of flour and a jug of milk. 2 lavender dumplings are upstairs near Elisif. These have all been carefully placed as if they were there in the original game. This means baking is now available to players who do not wish to build the kitchen wing. It makes sense that you are not the only person in Skyrim with an oven.
  • Added an oven to the Dragonsreach kitchen, plus a sack of flour, jug of milk, butter, 2 venison stews, braided bread, and garlic bread.
  • Added an oven to the Palace of the Kings kitchen, plus 2 sacks of flour and mudcrab legs. Also placed potato soup, 2 chicken dumplings, and a snowberry crostata on the dining table in the main hall.
  • Blacksmiths sell hinges, iron fittings, locks, and nails. Major cities have more than minor cities and Orc strongholds, which have more than settlements.
  • Innkeepers sell steamed mudcrab legs, soups, and stews but not Elsweyr Fondue or Horker and Ash Yam Stew. Khajiit caravans carry Elsweyr Fondue in small quantities (for balance).
  • 40% chance of finding cooked food in pots above fires. 10% for pots not above fires. These were usually empty before, but now it is worth checking them! I figure if the pot was moved from the fire, you are less likely to find something still in it to eat.
  • Added a baking recipe for meat pies introduced in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. These already show up in leveled lists, so the obvious missing piece is a recipe for the player. The recipe is similar to the one for apple pie, but apples are replaced with raw beef.
  • Added a baking recipe for baked potatoes (potato + butter) and another for grilled leeks (leeks + butter).
  • Hawk eggs and salmon roe are considered uncommon ingredients. Alchemists will sell them occasionally and they show up in certain loot.
  • Reduced chance of mudcrabs dropping their legs from always to 50%. This is consistent with other secondary drops like goat horns.

  • Added potion, draught, filter, and elixir of waterwalking to leveled lists (just like their waterbreathing equivalents). They are found in place of waterbreathing potions 1/3 of the time.
  • Renamed the four potions of waterwalking found in Bloodskal Barrow to "Bloodskal Elixir of Waterwalking". This distinguishes them from regular potions and elixirs of waterwalking.
  • Netch Jelly, Fire Salts, and Void Salts have a waterwalking effect, so you can make your own waterwalking potions. The effects that were replaced are on many other ingredients. More importantly, this effect reflects the nature of the creatures you get it from. Netches, flame atronachs, and storm atronachs can all walk (or hover) on water.
  • Added necklace of waterwalking to leveled lists. These can be disenchanted unlike Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking. The enchantment works on necklaces, rings, circlets, boots, and other footwear.
  • Riften: Brand-Shei sells the new armor (bonemold, chitin), new drinks (flin, mazte, shein, sujamma, ashfire mead), new food (ash yams), and new materials (netch leather, chitin plates). He claims to sells goods from Morrowind, but for some reason, Dragonborn did not change his inventory. A bonemold helmet and bottle of mazte are on display and can be purchased.
  • Windhelm: Revyn Sadri sells the new armor, Dunmer clothing, and sometimes one or two Solstheim books. I purposely left out all food, drinks, and ingredients because his store name suggests he sells only used items. Used netch leather or chitin plates would not be worth selling either. He can sell all variants of Dunmer outfits, including the previously unavailable unhooded yellow variant.
  • Windhelm: Ambarys Rendar, proprietor of the New Gnisis Cornerclub, sells the new drinks, new food, cooked boar meat, and Horker and Ash Yam Stew. 4 bottles sit on the shelves behind the counter and another one is upstairs.
  • Windhelm: The White Phial sells new ingredients from Solstheim, except Netch Jelly and Burnt Spriggan Wood. Elgrim in Riften requests painted troll fat all the way from Cyrodiil, so it is perfectly reasonable that Nurelion or Quintus Navale buy ingredients from Milore Ienth in Raven Rock (Captain Gjalund doing the shipping).
  • Winterhold: Urag gro-Shub may sell books from Solstheim. No need to explain why.
  • Raven Rock: Geldis Sadri, owner of The Retching Netch, sells cooked boar meat and Horker and Ash Yam Stew.


Bethesda  —  For Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Zilav and xEdit team  —  For TES5Edit
Arthmoor  —  Unofficial Patches
SarthesArai  —  Mesh used for planted yellow mountain flowers