Riverwood Redux -Expansion Project- by X2ash
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Added: 08/02/2012 - 08:38AM
Updated: 06/12/2015 - 11:25PM

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Last updated at 23:25, 6 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 8:38, 8 Feb 2012

This Mod aims to Expand Riverwood, add extra houses, extra NPCs,
and add more Environmental Atmosphere, and adds a player house with a minor quest.

Basement esp has been removed !!

if you are updating and were using the basement esp you may need to 
clear your stuff from the chests

Goto the [VIDEO] section to take a glimpse at this mod

Please Endorse if you enjoy the new Riverwood

This mods adds:

adds a bridge to the other side of the river
adds 4 houses across the river and one house on the island
adds a lot more trees to riverwood.
lanterns around the place to give a little atmosphere at night.
The Double story house across the river is useable and your Home.
The house has a basic cellar for a realistic, humble home feel
Adds 5 new NPCs

Optional files:

There is now an Extra file called "Riverwood Redux Expanded Basement"
this adds an armoury and an enchanting table and Alchemy Lab in the basement

-If you wish to keep the original basic Cellar dont enable the expanded basement file

There are 3 ways to get into house
1. - Complete "Dragon Rising Quest" from Jarl balgruuf
2. - Read the note at the door step (small quest to go and find the key)
3. - Pick the locks

the note actually isnt a quest but Follow the previous owners route,
and you should find the him with his key!
*NOTE* there is no hand holding in this quest
- you will need to think to find the key -

If you like this'
Try My other Mod "UnderTows Farmstead" it adds a small farmstead near half Moon Hill
check it out here:


-use NMM for easy installation
-manually install by placing data folder into skyrim folder
-Enable "riverwood Redux"
-enable "Riverwood Redux Expanded Basement"

Un Installation:

-Remove contents from house
-Remove all files


- Thanks to Mujuro for finding, fixing, testing and sending me the fixed file for v2.1

Other Mods:

<a href="" target="_blank">Whiterun Farms Expanded</a>. Expands the farms of whiterun and adds a few more buildings >still a WIP<


I am no longer maintaining this mod, feel free to use it as you wish 
credit would be appreciated for using it tho

I will accept compatability patches or changes.

If you wish to use this mod as a base file for your project-
-Add content
-Fix issues
-make compatible with your own mod

please contact me.

Change Log:
-Removed Basement esp as it bugged out a particular mine

- Fixed Version not changing in NMM
- No game changes

- Removed double character

- Finally Finally Finally Fixed Grey Face bug

2.3 -2.5
- Failed attemts to fix Grey Face bug

- Updated scripts for MQ104 thanks to Mujuro
- fixed sendars schedule
- All work on 2.1 was done by Mujuro and All thanks for any improvements shall goto him

- Added new NPC packages

- Removed a few Navmesh's near house on middle island
- deleted duplicated tree
- BugFix "fixed Ralof/Gerdur meeting"

- fIXED lighting in Nardila's house
- Added Bookcases to player home

- Fixed light and ground flicker in basement
- added activatable display cabinets and weapon racks

- Fixes a few Navmesh issues
- Refined some NPC schedules

- adds a optional file that expands the cellar into an armoury, ench table and alch table
- Fixes a few minor NAvmesh issues

- Fixed a few spelling errors and inconsistencies in note
- replaced the note on old house owner with the key

- added a note in which you can try and find the key (minor quest)
- edited Dragon Rising quest to give Key and Deed on completion

- added a key for player to obtain

- Locked all buildings

- Added more flora around new area
- added New NPCs and redone interiors
- Completely remade the bridge
- Fixed a few minor bugs with NPCs
- Added Navamesh to bridge
- Original files

Please report any ideas of bugs u find, thx

I know there will be many Riverwood mods so atleast check this 1 out, and leave a comment if you wish.