Draugr Patrols - Elements of Skyrim pt.3 (Mihail immersive add-ons) by Mihail Romanov
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Please check the credits list at the end of this page. Without the incredible modders 
that I've credited there, this mod wouldn't exist. I want to sincerely give my best 
thanks to all of them, and I ask all of you to visit each mod page bellow, endorse 
the mods, and play them, they're all amazing and great works! :) Thank you.

Mihail Romanov

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Elements of Skyrim is a series of mods I'm creating to bring into our skyrim
experience more immersive locations, creatures, npcs, settlements,
that will fill some empty spaces and plotholes in that province.

Who lights the candles and torches in the ancient and forgotten temples and ruins, and refill the food?

"Every day, a different set of draugr would awaken, shamble their way to the sarcophagus of their priest,
and prostrate themselves before it. Several hours of this, followed by a meticulous cleaning of the
area. It would appear that the adherents of the dragon priest continue their worship of him in
death, which would also explain the ferocity with which they defend his chambers."

In short: the own Draugrs take care of the tombs, they clean the place, they worship the Priest,
they light the candles, replace the food for new and fresh food, they put all the furniture in
order, etc. They are under a magic effect that makes they act like if they are still alive.

"But, how can they find fresh food and items? Draugs  have an undead farm?"

No. Do you remember what Hadvar said about draugrs?  "See that ruin up there? Bleak Falls Barrow. When I was a boy, that place always used to give me nightmares. Draugr creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night, that kind of thing. I admit, I still don't much like the look of it." And that is, they patrol the area close to their dungeons at night, stealing food, assaulting travelers, plundering farms.

That mod adds draugr patrols (between 3 and 5 draugrs and 1 or 2 draugr hounds), in 8 of the 38 nordic
tombs of skyrim. They remain in nordic guard houses close to the entrance of the dungeons during day, and descend into the roads at 23 pm, a return at 4 am. They will kill all in their path, and are strong foes, but not too much.They are divided in Draugr Scouts, Draugr Pillagers and Draugr Ravagers, and they use ferocious Draugr Hounds as sniffers. They are only present in dungeons that have no forsworn or much bandits
outside, to do not create conflict with them. In the lore on the mod, when the nordic tomb is occupied
by Forsworn, they have already killed all the patrols, and when the bandits occupy the entrance,
they give items to the Draugr, to avoid the patrols to come into the first levels or simply outside at
every night. They just took the items gived by the bandits, and return to the shadows of the tomb.
Draugr Patrols will not enter the cities, for example, the patrol of Bleak Falls Barrow only go into
the entrance of Riverwood Bridge, but not enter the city, to avoid the death of Npc's.
You will find them only at night patrolling the roads close to their nordic tombs, but are not a common sight (most easy to find is the patrol of Bleak Falls Barrow), to maintain the things fair, and of course you can find them in the nordic guard houses close to the dungeons when they are, and when they remmain at day.

1.2 released- now the patrol draugrs have in their loot the things they have stole.


- 8 Draugr Patrols for 8 Nordic Tombs;
- New draugr models (the skin is more corroded that the vanilla ones,
and the armor is rusty, all because the exposure to the weather);
- 1 new ancient nordic shield;
- Draugr hounds;
-Creepy encounters for lower level characters

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire

I believe that the mod will not be incompatible with any other mod.

That mod is a part of the new series Elements of Skyrim, a series of mods I'm creating
to bring into our skyrim experience more immersive locations, creatures, npcs,
settlements, that will fill some empty spaces and plotholes in that province.

Take a look on the other releases of that series :)

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I really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of their meshes 
and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :) Please endorse and play all of them.
There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

lifestorock/ Skyrim Immersive Creatures
majormodder/ Ancient Draugr Shield
viltuska/ Vargr - a Draugr Hound

Mihail Romanov

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