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ClefJ's Dawnstar

Author's Note: I'm terribly sorry about the broken navmesh; A fixed version from DaveMoney is here:

Okay, that annoying thing where 'backspace' actually refreshes the page and you lose all your work? I need to stop doing that. Let's try again, I'm sorry for making it brief.
Er-hem. Hello friends! Welcome to another ClefJ town overhaul, where I am nothing if not consistent in that I make performance-friendly and visually appealing mods. Indeed, as much as I love JK's and Hold's work on these towns, I felt the need again to make something in my own fashion. You should feel cozy in this snowier, busier port that shows its history.

What the town offers:

- A visual overhaul that suggests Dawnstar was indeed a garrison town, held a number of fishermen and stood against a siege of 'ice tribes'.
- The new gates show ancient walls overcome by snow and time.
- A new bunkhouse for miners, and a new General Goods store!
- A second ship and loading crane at the expanded docks. Better NPC's maybe in the future.
- Quicksilver Mine and its mountain have been moved back a few meters to offer more workroom away from the tide.
- Minor landscape changes, including a little creek in town.
- The White Hall has been turned into an actual longhouse, built over the ruins of the Snow Elves, to make it seem apparent that the ice tribes were invading over the issue of settling over their land.
- All cabins now have chimneys! That bugged the heck out of me for some reason in vanilla skyrim.
- A new player home! And minor detailwork to the rest of town.
All made using vanilla assets! Should make it easier for this to be ported over to SSE Console mods.

What the player home offers:
- A lovely layout heavily inspired by FlahoShi's Eagle's Nest.
- Multiple Adoption friendly.
- A fancy throne why not.
The key to the home lies in the lover's tent on the coastline! Otherwise, just an adept lock to claim the home.

- Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire
Compatibility issues:
- There are navmesh edits. I know, I'm sorry. Gotta be honest.
- Any changes to Dawnstar. Obviously.
- It's been brought to my attention that there are a few navmesh finalization issues here. Unfortunately I'm bogged down with other projects, so I certainly give permission to anyone who think they can fix the issue.

Good News!
- Compatible with a great deal of Dawnstar player homes, including Morskom Estate.
- Friendly to Interesting NPC's.
NOW COMPATIBLE with Fast Travel Overhaul!

Thank you for taking a look, I hope you enjoy! Updates, fixes and such may come more promptly than in my other works. Heh.