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Modifies all wildlife to have realistic quantities of meat, as well as new types of meat, so as to make each kill be more rewarding to the hunter. Much more too!

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Version: 2.0.3 (9/10/13)
Now compatible with the 3 DLCs, see "DLC Patches" under Optional Files. I did not make these patches, Huillam did.
Compatible with Imp's More Complex Needs (via compatibility patches)!
Sadly, Imp never came through with the new compatibility patch for IMCN 0.3+
Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND_PatchPack under RND's optional files).


Note: These are outdated!


If you are at all like me, you felt that hunting in Skyrim is a little pointless because you can never receive more than 1 cut of meat per kill. What a waste of an animal! I present to you Realistic Wildlife Loot, which increases the amount of meat animals gain upon dying, and also modifies the weight of the meat. The goal here is realism, but you can choose between two options, which determine how much meat is dropped. Animals will no longer spawn gold and other unrealistic loot, why did they do that in the first place?!. Also, Wildlife that didn't have a 100% chance to spawn their ingredients will now do so, and they will also have some new ingredients such as bear teeth, wolf eyes etc. See Features section for a more complete listing of the features of this mod.

(If you happen to think that there's still too much meat, even in reduced, you are out of luck for a while (I simply did not have the time to do 3 versions and 3 IMCN patches). I will eventually release a version that is around half of reduced, however.)

-New meats and other (logical) loot for animals (See Raw/Cooked Meat list for details. Play it to discover other new loot!)

-Two Options to choose from gives you the choice of realistic amounts of meat or a toned down amount. (See Meat Drops list)

-New cooking recipes to go along with the new meats. (I Don't want to ruin ALL the surprises, so check them out in-game! There is, however, a sample in the images section.)

-New ingredients (they still use vanilla models and textures as of v2.0.) (No list. Check them out in-game =D)

-Random loot like gold, rings etc. are gone from everything except Slaughterfish (I reckon that slaughterfish are pretty rare and they like to eat shiny things that they find! The chance of them spawning this stuff is unchanged.)

-Imp's More Complex Needs support patches for both options. The dried meats feature of IMCN is implemented for my meats and a couple vanilla meats that Imp forgot/chose not to do.

-Hunters will have a chance to carry the new loot, and also some vanilla animal ingredients. The hunters themselves are not edited, only the leveled lists that hold their sell-able loot.

-Variable meat drops gives the impression that not all animals of a certain species weigh exactly the same (only affects meats that make sense, so for example goats will always drop 4 legs, but they will also drop a variable amount of other goat meat.)

-Ingredients & misc. loot from all animals spawn 100% of the time (No more optional file)

-Animals drop logical amounts of loot (Mammoths now drop 2 tusks rather than 1, Sabre Cats drop 2 eyes etc.)

-Certain ingredients have a small quantity variation... Please let me know if you like this experimental feature or not.

-Animal Pelts now weigh more, as they always should have.

-Cleanly and carefully designed, so you don't have to worry about me having accidentally screwed with unrelated things.

I hope I didn't forget anything important...


I highly recommend using Nexus Mod Manager, but if you don't, you just navigate to the option folder you want to use (Realistic, Reduced), then if you use Imp's More Complex Needs, navigate to the IMCN folder. Drag the esp you decide to use to the Skyrim\Data folder. You can move more than one to your data folder, but make sure you only have the one you want to use activated at any given time.


For best results when upgrading from v1.3.2, you should do a clean save on existing characters.
To do this:
Make a save (not quicksave), uninstall old version of this mod, overwrite the save you made with a new one, then install v2.0 and enjoy.
Make sure to disable/remove the old .esp files (NMM, you are epic). The only esp from old versions that can safely remain active is the optional 3x giant toes file.


Fixed 3 dirty edits in all the ESPs
Added hides to mammoths (wt 12, val 60, produces 6 leather)
Removed useless and glitched shells from Mudcrab death lists.

Fixed the mod-added ingredients, which had a few issues with being overpowered.

-Fixed Realistic - IMCN bug where Bear Roast, Plain had a raw meat effect.
-Fixed Reduced - IMCN bug where Dried Skeever was incorrectly named Dried Sabre Cat
-Changed Bear Roast, Marinated to use a more sensible effect.

-Completely remade the mod from scratch, so there are a lot of big and small changes:
-Shiny new install script for Nexus Mod Manager keeps things organized.
-No more .esm file. It was simply not needed.
-2 options instead of 3, which are balanced to (hopefully) satisfy most people.
-Optional Imp's More Complex Needs patches, made by me, are available for both options. (When I get more time I will look into making other compatibility patches; IMCN has priority because it's the one I use =P).
-Some new types of meat, as well as some name changes.
-Meat weight, value, and quantity dropped by animals changed to be more realistic.
-Meat drops for animals now have a small variation to them (only when it makes sense to do so!).
-New ingredients dropped by many animals. (No new textures yet!)
-Animals now drop quantities of ingredients that make more sense (mammoths have 2 tusks, so you can loot 2 tusks, etc.).
-Ingredients spawning 100% of the time is now built into the main mod; no more optional esp for it.
-Some ingredients have a small variation to how many drop, but at least 1 will always drop (such as teeth: only intact, healthy teeth will be lootable, because cavity-rotted and broken teeth for alchemy just doesn't make sense to me).
-Hunters now have a chance to have the new meats, misc items, and new as well as old animal ingredients, for sale. (The hunters themselves are not modified, only their loot lists.)
-Some new recipes, and the recipes from the old version are also remade from scratch (so expect different ingredients on some recipes).

I think that's about it for the big changes, but because it's remade from scratch there are no doubt countless small differences besides those mentioned.


-This list entails how much meat is dropped by individual animals. The numbers listed are the average, and in most cases can potentially vary up to 5 pieces above or below these numbers.
-the ##/## deal is for the Realistic/Reduced options, in that order.

Bear, Black: 40/13
Bear, Cave: 55/18
Bear, Snow: 65/22
Cow: 88/29
Deer: 27/9
Dog: 16/4
Elk (Female): 30/10
Elk (Male): 47/16
Fox: 11/4
Goat: [Goat Meat 20/7], [Goat Leg 4/4]
Horker: 25/8
Horse: 38/13
Mammoth: 43/14 (They also drop a single snout of course)
Sm/Med. Mudcrab: 10/5
Large. Mudcrab: 14/8
Giant Mudcrab: 18/9
Sabre Cat: 30/10
Sabre Cat, Snow: 43/14
Skeever: 2/2
Wolf: 16/5
Wolf, Ice: 18/6


Raw Meats:
-I did not remove or replace ANY of the vanilla meats (I did alter their weight, and in some cases changed their name, however). This means that I intentionally made certain animals yield two types of meat, such as Raw Goat Leg and Raw Goat Meat.
-In [brackets] is the weights of the meats, which stay the same in both Options. I will only list vanilla meat weights if they were changed by this mod.
-You will probably freak out when you see how much the Mammoth Meat weighs, but consider the size of these creatures. I bet they weigh every bit of 25,000 lbs, so the weight of their meat is not so heavy considering! Besides, it SHOULD take lots of effort to cash in on all the meat from these mighty creatures!

Bears: Raw Bear Meat [3.2]
Deer: Venison (Deer) [4.0]
Elk: Venison (Elk) [5.5]
Foxes: Raw Fox Meat [1.0]
Goats: Raw Goat Meat [1.0], Raw Goat Leg [4.0]
Mammoths: Raw Mammoth Meat [26], Mammoth Snout [10.0]
Mudcrabs: Raw Mudcrab Meat [1.0]
Rabbits: Raw Rabbit Meat [0.5], Raw Rabbit Leg
Sabre Cats: Raw Sabre Cat Meat [3.3]
Skeevers: Raw Skeever Meat [2.0]
Slaughterfish: Raw Slaughterfish Meat [2.0]

Cooked Meats:
-IMCN-only meats are in [brackets]
-Vanilla Skyrim cooked meats are not included in this list.
-Weights are also not included; I feel they are less important than the raw meat weights.

-Bears: Bear Roast, Marinated, Bear Roast, Plain, Bear Sausage, [Dried Bear]
-Dogs: Garlic Dog Ribs, [Dried Dog]
-Elk: Elk Venison Chop, Elk Venison Stew, [Dried Venison] (Note: Dried Venison is the same stuff you get for Deer Venison.)
-Foxes: Seared Fox, [Dried Fox]
-Goats: Goat Steak, [Dried Goat]
-Mammoths: Marinated Mammoth Steak, [Dried Mammoth Meat], [Dried Mammoth Snout]
-Mudcrabs: Mudcrab and Clam Chowder
-Rabbits: Rabbit Sandwich
-Sabre Cats: Sabre Cat Roast, Spicy Sabre Cat Stew, [Dried Sabre Cat]
-Skeevers: Skeever Stew, [Dried Skeever]
-Wolves: Wolf Roast, [Dried Wolf]


1.0 - Initial
1.1 - Added Mammoth and Goat meat, to address issues with naming. Goat Leg and Mammoth Snout untouched.
1.2 - Added Slaughterfish and Mudcrab Meats. Added new 2 ESPs with reduced quantities. Added optional file making certain wildlife ingredients spawn 100% of the time.
1.3 - New recipes, ESM file, fixes to incorrect meat models, and removed unrealistic loot from wildlife.
1.3.1 - Fixed issues with Sabrecats, Deer and Elk. Implemented "Ingredients always spawn" optional file into the main file, so delete that esp if you have it!
1.3.2 - Fixed Mammoths so they now spawn their meat properly.

-Long live Bethesda! Long live Skyrim! Need I say more?
-Thanks to Huillam for his DLC compatibility patches.
-I would like to thank everyone who has/will post constructive comments.
-I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed new ideas to help me make this mod better.
-BIG thanks to everyone who Endorsed or will Endorse my creations!
-And an EPIC BIG thanks to the entire Nexus team!