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An unofficial self-made patch for these mods, made for my own purposes, shared in case someone else might want them.

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I really like the mod "Multi Position Elder Scrolls on Back" by sleepyneko, however I was heavily disappointed to find that the "Maniac" option (The option for wearing three Elder Scrolls at a time) was mounted to the Quiver spot. This mean that by adding Belt-Fastened Quivers, it totally ruined the intended position of the Elder Scrolls and made them clip horribly with the quiver.

As the whole point of using Belt-Fastened Quivers, for me, was so that my character had plenty of room on his back for the Elder scrolls, I was very disappointed by the outcome. So I popped the necessary files into NifSkope and changed the positioning of the scrolls to my liking. Such considered, this REQUIRES "Belt-Fastened Quivers" or another mod which adds such, otherwise the scrolls will be positioned weird and this patch is totally unnecessary.
And if you couldn't tell that it requires "Multi Position Elder Scrolls on Back" then you should consult your doctor as you have seriously declining mental health.

I'm uploading this here because the original mod author has not been around for a while, and I figured someone else might like to use this.

As of now, the scrolls are fit to be worn on the back of the Ebony mail with the Belt-Fastened Quiver and the fix is for males only. If there is request for a fix for females, I might do it.

NOTE: The screenshots were taken in Skyrim: Special Edition. It's pretty easy to convert small mods like this to work, but I don't feel comfortable uploading the whole converted mod without permission. It's pretty easy to figure out for yourself, though.

Installation: Idiots install manually, use your preferred mod manager to over-write the files in "Multi Position Elder Scrolls on Back" with the files from this one.

I do not have explicit permission to manipulate assets from sleepyneko's mod (Although I'm pretty sure it's all the same meshes from default Skyrim anyway) and sleepyneko has provided no specific permission guidelines regarding the usage or overtly repetitive mentioning of their mod. Therefore I have no idea if I'm actually breaking any rules by uploading it. If you fancy Admins think I am, please don't ban me, I'll take the mod down without hesitation. Not that important. I don't really know what I'm doing.