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Elder Scroll with positions to choose

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Some time ago, did a project "Grimoire", in which the formulas in recipes check how much you have developed in each school of magic, and accordingly gave to create the spellbook that increases damage or duration of the spell, as well as protection against them. But was unable to release, for a project using mesh files of another mode, and the developer has not given permission to use it. But thanks T3nd0 to help me to remember about "Grimoire", i can now do the same for this mod. It's a hell lot of work, but most probably have something for version 1.5. Perhaps I'll start tomorrow.


You probably liked as Serana can wear her Elder Scroll on the back?

And it was a shame that you couldn't do the same?

This plugin solves this injustice, bringing into play new equipable Elder Scroll with four positions to choose from.

What you get:

  • The opportunity to choose one of four options to wear the Elder Scroll (In the future, can be added new options to choose).
  • Specially selected positions in order to avoid clipping with body, two handed weapons, crossbows, bows and quivers.
  • A choice of two high resolution textures - the silver-ebony or classic gold.
  • Scrolls can be enchanted by all armor enchants except foot enchants
  • You can equip 3 scrolls at once (Read Readme)

What you lose:

  • Nothing, except for the mods that could cause a conflict or spoil the impression of the plugin (some mods that change the position of quivers are not compatible, please send me a link to them and I will make compatible mesh)


You can craft Scrolls in Skyforge if you have an Elder Scroll (Dragon) from main quest of game.

For craft you need:
2 ebony ingots, 2 quicksilver ingots, 1 roll of paper, 1 black soulgem for Black Elder Scroll
2 gold ingots, 2 quicksilver ingots, 1 roll of paper, 1 black soulgem for Golden Elder Scroll

Also available on - STEAM