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Clearer water for the discerning traveller.

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For ages I've wanted the water to be clear and not the opaque inky blue that the vanilla game and most water mods make it. I did have similar water with ENB v0.119, but apparently that was a 'bug' with SSAO and was 'fixed' in the next release.

So, as an experiment, I took PaganMetalFan's WaterColour mod, and edited it in TES5Edit, and ended up with water I could actually see into, just like I can with the rivers in my area. Look at the fishies!
Note: Not compatible with PMF's WaterColour mod, as they edit the same water settings. 
Note#2: If you use Vividian and CoT and don't get water like mine, try using PMF's ENB water settings. Can't remember if I used them or not. Sorry. =/

Some areas have rather dark green water. I have no idea how/why, as most of my edits were pure guesswork. I just wanted lighter/clearer water that wasn't such a dark blue tone. Ta-da.

Mod made for my own game. Don't like it, don't download it. =) I'll listen to suggestions, but I may not act on them.
An ENB is probably required, as without it you just get grey water.

Realistic Water Two.

Vividian ENB. Or similar.