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The preset of " Him", The Man With No Name
- Available for ECE and RACEMENU
- Tested with CMO and SKYSIGHT SKINS and vanilla skins

Permissions and credits

         --------------------------------Quality follower version by Triptherift HERE ----------------------------------

--------------------------My exclusive blog (showcase armors/screenarchery tricks/requests) HERE ------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------My flickr HERE ---------------------------------------------------------

Him aka "The Man With No Name" is one of my latest creation.
I wanted to create a good looking male character with personnality.
He is a nord. He is confident, nonchalant and seducer.
I hope you like....him  :)

His face is available for ECE and RACEMENU. It's a face preset. I created "Him" first in ECE, then converted in RACEMENU by TRIPTHERIFT ( Sassy teen girls/ legend of 1001 nights/ The goddess Diana/etc...)

Before loading the preset, you need important mods. These mods are generally HD textures to improve details of the face. Some mods are only for men, others are for both gender.

Please, install this list of mods:

  • His brows : TRUE BROWS 1.7 HERE  (Standalone mod)
                 He uses "" and ""

  • His beard : BEARDS 2.0 HERE (Standalone mod)
                 He uses "" and ""

  • His eyes : CUTE EYES 1.2 HERE ( replacer "vanilla)
               He uses "" and ""
               You can use other eyes if you want. Cute eyes is not a high requirement

  • His hairs : KS HAIRDOS RENEWAL HERE (Standalone mod)
                He uses the "chain reaction " haircut. "chain" and "chain"

  • His warpaint comes from the excellent modder MISUZU. Misuzu's warpaints are free to use. I credit him for his fantastic work as he wish.
                Install the whole mod "MSZ WARPAINT" part 1,2,3 and 4  HERE
                      Note : MSZ WARPAINT is a warpaint mod without esp, it's a vanilla make a back up of                   your old warpaint.
                For a warpaint in high resolution, do not forget these lines in your SKSE.ini

  • "Him" has a big scar on his face.It's a vanilla scar. Use your favorite scars retex.

  • Maybe you notice that "Him" has 2 different eye's normal. I raised his left brow to break the face symmetry and to create a mischievous attitude.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                  "Him" Skin

Basically, "Him" works with all available male skin textures.....even vanilla textures. But i highly recommend you an HD retexture of the face/body.
I recommend you CMO HERE or SKYSIGHT SKINS HERE ...not both at the same time. They are not compatible because they use different bodyshape.
The choice is yours...choose your favorite.

My opinion:
"Him" has been originaly created with CMO. His face has good result with CMO. Skysight skins have good results too, but his original personnality "lose something", so...make your choice.
I made screenshots for comparison. For you, it will be easier to choose.

                    " HIM " with CMO                                                     " HIM " with SKYSIGHT SKINS



Before loading the preset, i recommand you to select the Male Nord Race.
I recommend to do a manual installation.
  • If you use Enhance Characters Edit HERE

Download only " Him ECE preset "
Extract the file in myDocuments/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save
In the game, enter the racemenu (consol command " showracemenu ")
Search for the slider "slot load" and load "slot 38"
      "Him"  appears!

  • If you use racemenu HERE

Download only " Him RACEMENU preset "
Extract the file in data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets
In game, go into showracemenu,
Select the one called "Him.jslot" and hit enter.
"Him" appears !


 I recommend face light   HERE         
                                                        I recommend face light + HERE                                                                                       
These mods add a lighting spell to your character face or NPC.  

Triptherift for the her help, her motivation, her ideas and to tolerate my english :)

JimtownIrish for " True brows " 
Hvergelmir for " Beards "  

TKTK for " Cute eyes " 

Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and  Shocky for "KS HAIRDOS - Renewal "

Misuzu for his warpaints

Mok Chaoticran for " CMO "  

Fadingsignal for " Skysight skins "


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                                                                           THANK YOU