CMO - Complete Male Overhaul - Skyrim's Men Reimagined by Mok Chaoticran
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REQUIRES SoS Full AND FemFeet Redesigned -for- SoS. You will need google to find SoS! I cannot link it to you, and it's long gone from the Nexus.

Revamped & Revisited

Preface / Information about the Mod - Reading isn't necessary, skip past for useful parts.
The short version is this is a mod for Skyrim I put a lot of heart into. I'd appreciate an endorsement or two, but I don't really make these for that purpose. If I did I'd've been making chainmail bikinis a long time ago. Follow me on tumblr for more updates on CMO addons I'm making, other mods & my own story and to-be game universe, REIN.

Here's the long part. CMO, or the Complete Male Overhaul, is a mod focused on bringing the standard for the appearance of male characters up to snuff with the standard for female characters catered to in a variety of Skyrim mods. The face and body have both been modified in texture, with new normal maps baked out, diffuse painted and overlayed with detail from the new normals, and speculars customized from some ideal specular maps here on the Nexus and a little handiwork in GIMP. I will get to the credits appropriate later.
CMO has a long history. It all started out with YF4M - Younger Faces 4 Males, my first Skyrim mod in the early days of Skyrim's history, released just two days after Skyrim's release and one of the earliest mods on the Nexus. I had done little, then - I opened up GIMP and smudged out the wrinkles in the diffuse texture. Later I did the same to the Normal Maps for a couple of the races. That was all YF4M ever amounted to. Its successor, CUFO, was different - and also started out male-only. But at some point I decided to venture into creating female textures. The mod was short lived and rather than hide that page I actually deleted it altogether. Too much stress, too many body mods and texture sets for them - I couldn't keep up or did I care to. Next on the list is MFO, a mod I actually went pretty far with and worked hard on. I made little addons other than just raw textures, and a new normal map based age map system by modifying the complexions. That has carried over into CMO, and CMO is basically the expansion of MFO into the body area, with racial diversity returning being an added bonus. Now no texture seams remain, and I can focus on creating now content! That's why CMO is exciting, that's why it needed to be made. Even if you don't like the base look, just using these maps to modify off of, if you maintain the end caps you can create a truly seamless texture set. That's been a difficult endeavor in Skyrim for men, because no bodies have been anything more than modified vanilla ones, but using SoS's body I managed it well enough. I hope you all approve, and thank you for listening to me ramble.

Caution: Unexplained mesh holes from the Schlongs of Skyrim base meshes, I cannot fix them myself but am looking into it. As is it shouldn't be incredibly noticeable, but gives the appearance of a slight neckseam at high resolutions and far away. A photo is included in the image section.

Requirements, Installation & Compatibility

Schlongs of Skyrim
FemFeet Redesigned for SoS

RaceMenu with CharGen Overhaul, ECE PlugIns
Ethereal Elven Overhaul (NPC Edits, Overwrite with CMO Textures)
CNHF - Calyps & Nuska Heroic Form (Female Body/Face Mod, I use it & it keeps characters consistent-ish looking between genders.)

Installation / Files:

This mod is a simple install. Everything is located within Data folders in separate archives, so each can be downloaded and installed in the Nexus Mod Manager with only a few clicks. The optionals you want just have to be overlapped onto the original mod variant you download. This structure is also incredibly simple for manual installations.

0. Ultimate
1. Quality
2. Balanced
3. Performance

Optional 1. Bodily Hair
Optional 2. More Bodily Hair
Optional 3. Smooth Body Normal Map


Schlongs of Skyrim - It's required. Do the math.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul - 50%
This mod is 100% compatible with the changes in .tri files and NPC edits. Unfortunately, however, you cannot expect to use EEO and CMO's normal maps together. You cannot have both at the same time. CMO's face normals are optimized for CMO's body normals, meaning they're seamless when they're together. I don't suggest breaking them apart. If you do prepare for seams.

Better Males, Men of Skyrim, etc. Male Mods - 0-10%
These mods are texture replacers too generally, or body replacers with incompatible UV maps, so I cannot advise their use, I apologize. Blending them yourself with the PSDs I will provide shortly after launch to be seamless and integrated into CMO is 100% your right. If the author of the other texture permits, and the textures are seamless, hey, send em over and I'll configure em into an optional patch for CMO right here! But for now, I'm focusing on my own content.

Race Record edits & Race Mods 50/50 Chance
This is a tricky subject. All I did was add complexions to the race records, without touching anything else. Generally if you make a Bashed Patch or Merged Patch these records that modify actual stats are seamlessly integrated together, but without a patch of some sort I can't predict how they'll interact, as load order and degree of changes can vary intensely. Actual new races is another whole problem to tackle - the complexions won't show up for these races unless they're added, and they won't use CMO normals unless the race uses a default Skyrim texture folder of the ones included here to begin with.

Literally any other mod that adds without editing, or edits anything other than men. - Around ~100%
There's really no reason anything else edited in the files or just new additions should mess with CMO - if they don't edit the same records or replace the same textures/meshes, they'll be completely fine with each other, within almost all logical scenarios.

Credits & Acknowledgements
Bethesda for Skyrim & the Creation Kit for GIMP 2.8 & the DDS plug-in
Blender Foundation for Blender 2.69 & 2.49b
Pixelogic for ZBrush 4R6 for 3D Coat
Grant Hill for xNormal
Apipino for Optimizer Textures (aka Ordenador, a texture batch optimizer)

Works Used:
TitoMead for Sporty Sexy Sweat - Male (x2sreality created the original female one)

Works Referenced:
BI Phenotypes for studying how they did speculars; turned out to just be customized noise filter.
Nuska for art style and direction; redness in areas of blood, baked custom race various normals, etc.

Inspirations & Acknowledgements:
Calyps - Helped me along with advice, answering my questions, and generally is a really good guy and talented modder.
CaBaL120 - Never had the chance to interact with him directly, but CaBaL120 is one of my biggest inspirations; the guy mods hammered better than I do on my best day.
Drumber - He called me out originally on my lack of racial diversity in MFO, and I decided he was right eventually. And after that I checked out his work in Skyrim, since I knew him from Fallout, and now follow his tumblr. He does good stuff, and for both genders, even if his art direction is a little different than mine.


I freely give permission for anybody to use my stuff. Where I took from did the same, and so I'm returning the favor. I'd just ask you give me a mention or two and where to find this mod! I don't mind if you don't, but it'd be nice.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, in other words, if there ever comes a reason for legal terms.