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Adds immersive summonable warriors to skyrim in a Dark Souls style system.

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A sunken fort that was concealed in ice has opened up in Winterhold. Will you be brave enough to explore the ruins and uncover the horrible contents of its hallowed halls. This small quest will add a thrilling experience with a high reward for all.

Adds a Dark Souls styled summonable white phantoms. There is five different levels of Phantoms:


Each level has two different phantoms, a Warrior with sword shield and heavy armour, or a Rogue who uses a bow and a dagger in light armour. They will follow you and fight for you until death or until they dispel. A must have mod for any Magician or Dark Souls fan.

There is a new location in Winterhold, a small dungeon with five major Boss fights, each fight unlocking the tomes to harness the power of the phantoms. You will face off against the hallowed souls that where left behind when an Imperial experiment went horribly wrong. Eliminate your opponent and move on to the next fight.