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PHR_RE reduces visuals and removes intrusive particle effect to give you that extreme performance boost.

Permissions and credits
Included in FPS Performance Optimization Compilation - FPOC

NOTE: Mod has been removed due to conflict with rules. Please see AHGTISPAS instead.

Mod was modified using TES5Edit and Merge xEdit Script.


This mod helps with the game performance so low-end PCs can run the game better and suffer less from CTDs. This mod removes/lowers the details of cloud, particles and many more!.

This mod is a remaster of the PHR MOD, the author decided to abandon it so I made a better version using his files.


- Less lag, super performance.
- Makes cloud smaller and less detailed.
- Removes dust particles.
- Remove Interior and Exterior fog.
- Remove Field & Dungeon Smoke.
- Remove Field & Dungeon Mist.
- Remove uninteractable vegetation! INCOMPATIBLE WITH FLORA MODS.
- Remove TREES.
- Remove woodpile, vines and driftwood.

- Works with Vanilla and Legendary Edition.
- Scripted NMM and MO installer.
- All components optional.


This mod is about removing visuals, mist remover is obviously incompatible with mist enhancers, exterior fog incompatible with fog enhancers and so on. 

To fix any incompatibilities, use the NMM/MO install and uncheck any files that you do not want to install.


  • Removed all ITMs and UDRs causing more stability and less CTDs to occur.
  • The AIO version of this mod was MERGED for neat and organizational purposes.
  • Organized in a neat NMM/MO installer.

Load Order

Mod doesn't really need to be high up on the list, if you get any issues, move it at the bottom. You can also try and use LOOT to set your load order for you.


- Skyrim 1.9.32 (LATEST)

No DLCs are required for the mods to function...


1.Download Mod...
2. Extract wanted .esp to *Skyrim*\Data folder.
3. Activate Mods.
4. Done!


1. Download Mod using a MANAGER.
2. Make your choices with the scripted installer.
3. Done!

I recommend you use MO instead of NMM since it cleaner, better and more efficient to use and does not allow overwrites.


This mod modifies a lot of the game's resources. Removing this mod MAY cause possible save game corruption and lead to massive CTDs

1. Enter a very empty, interior cell (house, etc)
2. Save the game.
3. Remove the mod.
4. Done!

I will not take responsibility for any save game that breaks.


Full Credits to tomo5449 for creating the mod, I just modified it. Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover meshes by 747823