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This guide will help you squeeze out the maximum performance on Skyrim so you can enjoy a more stable game. You might be thinking, "OH GEE! There is not a difference in the frames from the screenshots. HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME!". These images are just the BEFORE AND AFTER of the console commands. They give a nice 5-10 FPS boost as well as allowing you to sustain a good amount of FPS when around NPCs. If you try and follow the guide, you will be satisfied with the end result, if not feel free to remove at any time.

My PC Specs:

CPU - AMD-A4 APU (2.7GHz)
RAM - 4GB DDr3
GPU - Radeon HD 6450
MONITOR - Samsung SyncMaster 2233 60hz (Increased refresh rate to 77) (1680x1050)
OS - Windows 10 Home 64-bit

I have looked at countless tutorials on how to improve my frames.


Before we start take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER images.

Skyrim Setting:

  • 1280x800
  • 100+ Mods installed

FPS-Indoors - 90-120 FPS+
FPS-Outdoors - 40-75 FPS+


The first thing we will do is boost performance for your computer. This trick will help you achieve higher FPS in other games as well not just Skyrim. These two videos are pretty long but I added a timer in the description so you can select which part you wish. This video DOES NOT go very in-depth, the only reason it is long is because there are a lot of tweaks covered. I recommend watching all of it fully because you may miss an important step or two.


The software you should use are mentioned in the video but there are two that I did not include and there may be other options that I failed to do in the video.

Windows System Timer Tool

Follow the instructions. Timer should be set to 0.5

PC Tweaks - YouTube Channel

Watch his videos, they are extremely well done and have helped me a lot

Cleaning Mods with TES5Edit

Here is a video by Gopher to help you clean your mods. It is pretty simple once you know how to clean mods as it is not too complex. Cleaning procedure starts at 2:28

For the future, LOOT can tell you what ever mod needs cleaning. DO NOT MANUALLY CHECK FOR ERRORS IN TES5EDIT. LOOT WILL TELL YOU!

How to remove the WARNING in xEdit


Please remove all useless mods or mods you think you may not need at all as it just bloats your save file and eats performance. Do not attempt to mod Skyrim too much if you know your PC cannot handle it (try to keep a maximum of 100 mods for Skyrim if you are on a low-end rig). Here are some mods that can increase performance and help with stability as well as mods that are from me...

Vanilla Reduced Textures by alt3rn1ty (USE x256 EDITION)
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder (USE NO SCREEN BLOOAD IN THE OPTIONAL SECTION)
No More Blue Rocks by mrjentipede
Absorb tint effect removal by firas55556
ONE MOUNTAIN - To Rule Them All by Gamwich
Whiterun texture memory usage reduction by DDVIL
Kill The Orchestra by alt3rn1ty
Remove Underwater Grass and other stuff too - A Performance Mod by Cauug
Insignificant Object Remover by AKcelsior
Remove Exterior Fog by gazawisay
Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15
Bethesda Performance Textures - Animals and Creatures by Gamwich
No More Glowing Edges Mod by Ftreach
Remove Interior Fog V2 by rgabriel15
Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover by 747823
Remove Distracting Things by kojak747
Bethesda Performance Textures - Armor - Clothes - Weapons by Gamwich
No more Radial Blur - Performance optimization by Gorgulla
Possessive Corpses no more lazy zombies and shy nirnroots by Amgepo
Unofficial Enhanced Lights and FX ELFX SMIM ENB fps performance patch by Skysan4298
OneTweak by virusek

Bug fixes by meh321
Crash fixes by meh321
Continue Game No Crash by Utopium
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team

ColorfulLightsNoShadows_Redone by TRoaches, UWShocks and 123keelos
PerformanceHitRelief_REMASTERED by 123keelos and tomo5449
PerformanceIsKey by 123keelos

Only keep a certain amount of mods. Do not over-mod Skyrim since that will lead to instability as well as introduce more CTDs and FPS drops.

Mods that can possibly eat up performance are...

  • 2k-4k Graphical texture overhaul.
  • Grass and Tree overhaul.
  • ELFX (I use RLO and it is performance friendly).
  • Enemy AI overhauls.
  • Enemy spawn increasers.
  • OBIS.
  • ENBs.
  • Locational Damage Mod.
  • Heavy overhaul mods.
  • Heavy scripting mods.

Mod Settings

These mods usually come with a configurate (INI, etc). Configure them for optimal performance and less crashes.

Crash Fixes - UseOSAllocators=1, CustomMemoryBlock=1, MemoryInfoConsole=1. If you still experience crashing, try AlignHeapAllocate=1 but if not, then leave it 0 because it increases loading times as well as higher memory consumption. To find you CustomMemoryBlockTotalSizeMB=?, you will have to load your save then press ~ key. You should see a bunch of percentages. Decrease this value until the percentages are 85%-90%

Safety Load - EnableOnlyLoading=false. Basically DEFAULT

EnhancedCamera Mod - bFirstPersonShadows=0. Disables SHADOWS

ModOrganizer - BSAExtractor. enabled  true. Important so you can optimize the files with ORDENADOR - Optimizer Textures


There are a ton of software to help with Skyrim's stability, here are some...

TES5Edit by ElminsterAU
Optimizer Textures (Ordenador) by AdPipino
Mod Organizer by Tannin42
Save game script cleaner by Hadoram

TES5Edit - Look above on how to use it as there is a tutorial there
Optimizer Textures - Helps optimize Skyrim's textures, instructions on main page and on this guide page (Files)
LOOT - Simple software, click the sort button and hit apply then you are finished.
Mod Organizer - Use this TOOL to sort and manage your mods. Best one in my opinion.
Save Cleaner - Removes remaining scripts of uninstalled mods. Run often. Click on Clean formlists, Reset havok, FixScriptInstances, Delete all #, Clean other, Del. Broken Activities, Advanced>Remove scripts attached to nonexistent created forms. DO NOT use Remove a scripts having invalid variables, it can remove game scripts as well

Gopher has some videos that help with MO setup. Since it comes in parts, it will not be shown on this guide


Download Skyrim's ENB here. For this guide, you might think we are modifying graphics but NO!!! We are not. Skyrim ENB comes with a bunch of options to help us with our performance.

Once you have downloaded the file, extract the CONTENTS (not the actual folder) of the folder named "WrapperVersion" to where TESV.exe is located. Replace the enblocal.ini with the file provided on this page.

If you want to use an ENB, simply change UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true to UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false


SKSE is required by a lot of mods including the famous one, SkyUI. We are going to tweak an .ini to help boost the game's performance.

1. Go to Data\SKSE
2. From there, make a new .ini (MAKE SURE IT A .INI NOT A .TXT) called SKSE, you wil not get SKSE.ini
3. Open it and paste the code below...



That is all there is to it.

Console Commands

Probably the most simple potion of this guide it the CONSOLE COMMANDS. To type a command in-game, press the ~ key on your keyboard (usually beside the number key, 1)

Some performance commands with their values...

Setfog 0,999999999999999 - Removes exterior fog. On vs. Off

pcb - Free up used memory, often times increase fps after any given amount of time in game. Best used while in interior cells. However, since it purges cached cells, any cells you visited in the recent past will have to be reloaded completely when reentered.


teofis - Toggle end-of-frame image space. Gets rid of that ugly black filter on Skyrim. Also improves FPS by a hefty amount. Incompatible with mods that edit bloom, dof, etc. ALSO, vampire and khajit vision will NOT work with this ENABLED.

SetSceneIsComplex 1 - Animation and sound details are reduced,  combat does not check movement restrictions (actors may sidestep into objects, off ledges, etc), actors which are not in the loaded area WILL NOT UPDATE while this flag is set meaning they will not go through load doors, excess dead bodies in the loaded area are cleaned up more frequently, avoidance is disabled. Makes NPCs seem a dumber but it is not noticeable.

SetAllVisible 1 - Actors do not perform LineOfSight checks.

SetNoAvoidance 1 - Actors do not perform avoid box movement.

SetAllReachable 1 - Actors do not use pathing.

ClearInvalidRegistrations - Name says it all. Removes invalid registrations from deleted mods.

WARNING! You will have to run each command every time you launch the game and these commands can make NPCs unnoticably retarded. Here is a batch file of the commands which you can paste into a .txt...

Setfog 0,999999999999999
SetSceneIsComplex 1
SetAllVisible 1
SetNoAvoidance 1
SetAllReachable 1

1. Copy all this into a .txt
2. Name the .txt into a short name
3. Put it in the folder where TESV.exe is located
4. Launch your game into your save file
5. Open the CONSOLE by pressing the ~ key
6. Type bat <txt name> (the txt name will be the name of your txt)
7. In my case, I use "lag" as the .txt name so I will type "bat lag"
8. Done! You will have to type bat <txt name> every startup of the game


Both INIs were passed through a lot of ini configurators such as BethINI, Skyrim Configurator and many more. DO NOT TELL ME TO USE BETHINI OR ANY OF THOSE SOFTWARE.

This is the 1st part of Skyrim INI tweaking. I SUGGEST BACKING UP. We will be using ModOrganizer's INI tweaking. If you find that settings are not working for you, do not edit through the DOCUMENTS folder but instead use the ModOrganizer INI tweaking.


This will...

  • Disable Grass
  • Remove the clouds on the fast travel map making it clear.
  • Remove fog.
  • Remove the Blur on hit effect.
  • Make water will look less detailed (hardly noticeable).
  • Disable VSync.
  • Change your game language to ENGLISH.
  • Make your camera faster when switching POVs.

...and more.



2nd part of Skyrim INI tweaking. I SUGGEST BACKING UP. We will be using ModOrganizer's INI tweaking. If you find that settings are not working for you, do not edit through the DOCUMENTS folder but instead use the ModOrganizer INI tweaking.


This will...

  • Disable Depth-Of-Field
  • Remove any signs of shadows (Massive FPS boost)
  • Remove grass shaders
  • Disable game pad
  • Disable mouse acceleration
  • Reduce particles
  • Stop the rendering of skinned trees. Skinned Trees vs. Non-Skinned Trees
  • Remove some decals
  • Disable HDR
  • Make water look a bit worse (not affected when using WATER mods)

...and more


Anything I should add? Just comment and I will maybe consider it. Also if you have any questions ask me in the POSTS tab. Be sure to check for updates. The INI files are updated very frequently. Finally, don't forget to endorse. :)