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Adds to the level-up dialog: the new level number as well as current base Health, Mana and Stamina attribute values.

Permissions and credits

 This mod is now included in the official Enderal releases as of version 1-1-7-0.

 If you have been using this mod and have updated Enderal to version 1-1-7-0
 or higher, you should uninstall my mod.  (if you installed my mod manually
 instead of with a mod manager be careful to not uninstall the sureai version
 of the '_00E_LevelSystem.pex' script)

 Thanks to ...
 Nicolas Lietzau, Till and others on the SureAI team for making this happen,
 as well as the endorsers and reviewers who made this mod popular.

Enhances the Enderal level-up dialog by showing the new level number as well as the player's current base Health, Mana and Stamina attribute values.
Note: base values do not include any enchantment or other temporary effects.

Some earlier version updates ...
 to Enderal included script files, but there were no changes to the SureAI version of the script which my mod changes.  The update process could, depending upon which mod manager you use or if you do not use any, overwrite the script in my mod.  I believe people using NMM (nexus mod manager) can just deactivate my mod then reactivate it to get my changes back.  If that does not work, or if you do not use a mod manager, just reinstall my mod.  People using Mod Organizer who have it set up to store mods separate from the main game Data files should not need to reinstall my mod.

Deutsch (German) language version
Mod author ANaj has created a German language version of this mod:

* Enderal (total conversion mod), version 1-1-2-0 thru version 1-1-6-5

Uninstallation Note
This should be safe to uninstall at any time ...
 IF your mod manager restores the overwritten script file OR you manually restore the script:
   \ Data \ Scripts \ _00E_LevelSystem.pex
It contains no new new items that could stay in your save files.
Tech details: overwrites one script and overrides one MESG (message) record in SKYRIM.ESM.

Thanks To
* The SureAI team for an excellent total conversion mod.
* The virtual mudcrabs of the Enderal game world who were killed during testing.

Constructed with
* Creation Kit standalone papyrus compiler
* TES5Edit
* 7 Zip