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This mod will make the combat of Enderal tougher, faster and more strategic. I intend to make Enderal feel different from Skyrim with increased enemy variety, new mechanics, new spells/potions and many other things.

Permissions and credits

Deutsche Version (German Version): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77139/?


Faster combat because of increased damage multipliers
Fixed many Problems with insane damage multipliers on enemies
All actions cost stamina. 70% or more stamina = damage bonus, 30% or less = damage reduction
Blocking with shields or weapons is much more efficient, heavy shield bash is now available
Heavy Armor is much better but will slow the wearer and will increase mana cost for spells
Followers like Calia/Jespar are no longer invincible and will fall down if they would die

AI reacts better, attacks/block more frequently
Archers now use Arrows and will switch to melee weapons if needed
Certain creatures (like Bears and Trolls) will knockback the player with some attacks if the player isnt blocking
Undeads have drastically increased armor and health. Added new silver weapons, silver arrows
Ghosts have drastically increased resistances. Bypass it with silver weapons or with a new consumable called "Ghost Curse"
More diversity between creatures. Some Examples:

Mud Golems (Troll Template) don´t regenerate Health but have increased resistances
Steppe Crusher (Deer Template) are more aggressive and have a new attack pattern
Boneshredder (Vatyr Template) are slower and have increased armor, magic/poison resistances
Crystal Elementals (Frost Elemental Template) have new resistances, no longer deal frost damage in an AoE around them, removed frost FX
Spiders have different poisons (slow, paralyze or increased damage poisons) and big spiders will knock the player back
Giants, Bears, Spiders, Trolls, Mud Golems have new attack patterns
Starling Guardians will use their crossbow

35 new Potions/Poisons and rebalanced the others (in most cases they are stronger now)
22 completely new Spells (many of them didnt even exist in Skyrim)
Manacost is drastically increased, Manacost reduction perks are now mandatory to properly cast spells
Completely rebalanced elemental spells. Some spells were just much better than others of the same rank.
Psionic is better and with the new spells added its a viable skill

Alchemy is much more useful
Stealth/Pickpocketing/Lockpicking rebalanced and overall made harder
Loot is much more diverse. Animals/Creatures will drop appropriate items
Many, many other changes. More informations are below and in the changelog



1. Installing Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul
- Download the Main File
- Extract the main file into the data folder of Enderal
- Open Enderal Launcher
- Open data files
- Enable Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul
- Ensure that Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul is at the bottom from the list
- Additional installation steps (2, 3)
- Install Important Mods (located below)
- Enjoy Enderal!

2. NPCs use ammunition and arrows hit targets even at high range
- Go to the directory: C: \Users\username\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
- Open "Skyrim.ini"
- Add  "bForceNPCsUseAmmo = 1" under "[Combat]"
- Include "[Actor]" if it does not exist and add "fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist = 12288.0000" under "[Actor]"
- Save and Finish

3. No compass / No floating Quest markers
- Go to the directory: C: \Users\username\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
- Open "SkyrimPrefs.ini"
- Change "bShowCompass=1" to "bShowCompass=0"
- Change "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1" to "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=0"
- Save and Finish



- This mod is not fully save game compatible (many modifications work but for example enemies that you already spawned won´t have some of the changes included in the mod)

- Starting a new game is highly recommended
- I will not offer optional mods that remove individual functions and i will not offer modules or a MCM menu but I will gladly accept feedback.
- This mod should not cause crashes, since no scripts are applied and everything is properly tested.



- Damage mult: [the original values are in the "()"]
                                     Damage on Player     Damage by Player
 NOVICE:    x1.90 (0.60)              x1.20 (1.80)
 EASY:x2.10 (0.80)              x1.20 (1.55)
 ADEPT:                              x2.25 (0.95)              x1.20 (1.15)
 EXPERT [recommended]:       x2.40 (1.30)              x1.20 (1.05)
 MASTER:                                  x2.55 (1.55)              x1.20 (0.90)
 IRON PATH:             x2.70 (3.00)              x1.20 (0.65)

These numbers don´t necessarily mean that the player does half the damage a bandit would do. The player gets some advantages that enemies don´t receive and bandits in the beginning have about 50% less health than the player. Many enemies have decreased damage multipliers.
A bandit in the beginning of the game is about as strong as the player.

- General Game mechanics:
 1. Faster fights because of increased damage multipliers
 2. About 10% more XP are required for a level-up
 3. Movement speed adjusted
 4. More falling damage
 5. Carry capacity lowered (type "player.modav carryweight 100" in the console if you dont like this change)
 6. Pay more and get less for items of any kind
 7. Many Perks reworked and adjusted
 8. Many Talents are rebalanced and all of them have more cooldown
 9. Less mana/stamina regeneration, increased the in combat regeneration rate of mana/stamina
10. Stealth/Pickpocket/Lockpicking Mechanics reworked
11. The weight of various items have been changed
12. Fixed a ton bugs/inconsistencies (Some of them were incorporated in Enderal Patch
13. Followers like Calia and Jespar are no longer invulnerable
14. 50% Frost resistance will prevent slow effects from frost spells (this affects NPC´s and the player)
15. 50% Poison resistance will prevent slow/paralyze effects from poisonous sources (this affects NPC´s and the player)

- AI:
 1. AI reacts better, engages more often and blocks more frequently
 2. Archers use ammunition (Ini tweak necessary: see installation)
 3. Archers now have a melee weapon and will enter close combat with it
 4. Many Creatures have new attack patterns and a new combat AI
 5. There are many different Ai´s for enemies. For example there are 7 different Ai´s only for humans.

- Combat Mechanics:
 1. Less Melee Range
 2. Auto-Aim disabled
 3. Arrows fly faster
 4. Power Attacks cost less stamina
 5. Power Attacks require stamina
 6. Blocking with shields/weapons is better
 7. Heavy Armor is much more effective but also has some disadvantages (more manacost/slower movement, this affects NPC´s and the player)
 8. Blocking/Attacking/Swimming/Aiming with Bows now costs stamina
 9. At 70% or more stamina, the player gets a damage bonus
10. At 30% or less stamina, the player receives a damage reduction
11. At 5% or less stamina, the player receives a high damage reduction
12. Added the ability to do a heavy shield bash (perform a shieldbash and hold the attack button)
13. Maces have armor piercing even without perks (only affects the player)
14. Swords/Daggers have increased sneak attack damage and critical strike damage (only affects the player)
15. Axes have increased damage (only affects the player)

- Magic:
 1. Each spell costs more Mana (casting is now very difficult without the corresponding Manareduction perk)
 2. Manareduction perks were buffed from -30% to -40%
 3. Many changes to spells such as:
   - Conjured creatures remain 50% shorter
   - Cast time of many spells reworked
   - Fireball/Chain Lightning/Frostwind are higher level spells
   - Maximum runes number increased to 3 but manacost is increased and damage reduced
   - Psionic spells are better
   - and much more...
 4. Dual casting requires 12% less mana, Dual casting for elemental spells requires 17% less mana
 5. Added 22 new spells like Poisonous Touch, Fire Nova, Kinetic Nova and Calm/Fear Rune
 6. All robes and circlets have 0 armor and no longer fall into the category Light armor but are enchanted
 7. Completely rebalanced elemental spells (for more infos look in the changes tab and look for Patch 1.35)

- Creatures:
 1. Creatures of the same race support each other in fights
 2. Many creatures, mages and bosses now have more spells available
 3. Reduced melee range on some creatures
 4. Some enemy poisons now paralyze/slow
 5. Creature/Animal loot revised and made more realistic/believable
 6. Some creatures will knock the player down with some of their attacks
 7. Many creatures have Poison Resistance
 8. Undeads are more resistant. Fight them with silver, maces, non-frost spells
 9. Some undeads carry a shield
10. Ghosts have drastically increased resistances. Bypass it with silver weapons or with a new consumable called "Ghost Curse"

11. Mud Elementals now have more resistances, however, no longer regenerate life
12. Melee weapons from Arps and Tomb Guardians are poisonous
13. Trolls regenerate more life but have reduced fire resistance
14. Starling Guardians are able to shoot with their Crossbows
15. Spider size rescaled, Big Spiders can knockback the player, different poisons for different spiders (sand spiders paralyze, frost spiders slow)
16. Giants, Spiders, Trolls, Bears have new attack patterns
17. Skeletons have 25% arrow resistance (except for silver arrows)
18. Steppe Crusher are more aggressive and have a new attack pattern
19. Boneshredder are slower and have increased armor, magic/poison resistances
20. Crystal Elementals have new resistances, no longer deal frost damage in an AoE around them, removed frost FX
21. All main quest enemies have more appropiate (higher) levels and stats
22. Increased the variety of weapons that enemies use
23. Fixed the damage of many creatures that had insane multipliers. Sometimes this only applied to certain attacks.
24. Some creatures such as Pus Beetles, Crabs, Starling Machines, Frost Elementals have armor
25. A ton of small little tweaks here and there

- Food Overhaul:
 1. No Instant healing from food anymore
 2. Food heals less health over time
 3. Food has more diverse effects
 4. Raw meat reduces stamina regeneration
 5. Food doesn´t stack anymore
- Potions:
 1. Mana and stamina potions increase Arcane Feaver (stamina half less than health potions)
 2. Health and stamina potions last longer and have less effect (approximately same effect)
 3. Poisons have been completely revised and 10 were added
 4. Potions have been completely revised and 24 were added
 5. Potions made with Alchemy are better
 6. Many potions/poisons are better
 7. Potions don´t stack anymore

- Miscellaneous:
 1. Loot completely overhauled (more loot and much more variety)
 2. Vendors have more items and many items are earlier available
 3. Rhetoric effectiveness on prices reduced
 4. Endralean penny and lockpicks have weight
 5. Crimes will be punished more severely
 6. Reduces the distance at wich the AI pass on crimes
 7. Diseases have stronger effects
 8. Teleport scrolls are more expensive
 9. Books that increase your skills cost less
10. Horses run away in combat
11. Removed loading screens with no longer needed information, added loading screens with information on new mechanics



http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3222/? - Ihud - Configurable Hud, disable crosshair / enemy indicator, etc.
Crosshair only "when looking at activatable"
disable "Stealth Indicator"

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17491/? - Faster Faster get up - This mod is necessary because you will get knocked down with this mod

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71651/? - Silence of Skyrim - This Mod disables some Sounds (Fixes the Sound Bug with knockback mechanic)



http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57859/? - You can see your body in the 1st person view and each animation is played in 1st person

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/7901/?   - No fog in the loading screen

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26355/? - Carry more than one ring (2 rings / 1 amulet recommended)

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75492/? - Animated potions and poisons

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83379/? - Menus don´t pause the game (I haven´t played the main quest line with this mod on. Use with caution)

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60001/? - Rune weapon (Orcish weapon template) replacer



Bethesda - for Skyrim
SureAI - for Enderal
Requiem Team - for the inspiration of this mod
My Brother - for beta testing and formatting the description