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Adds a new village north of Dawnstar.

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Lyngwi - A Nordic Village


- A new Nordic village north of Dawnstar
- Over 20 new NPC's and two Followers
- Three treasures to find
- Player Home
- Merchants, crafting stations etc.
- Fast travel point and an immersive fast travel system 
- No scripts/ meshes / textures only one .esp file (and the DaceGenData)
- Lore friendly
- Feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea for more content


- Fixed Gray Face Bug
- Improved NPC's idle behaviour
- Dock is now navmeshed
- Some minor fixes 

Mod showcase by Koubitz and Nameless Nord

Cinematic showcase by hodilton and Ultimate Immersion


About the Village:

It is located on a small island north of Dawnstar. It consists of residential buildings for NPC's, a Mead Hall, a Greathall and 
a player home. You can reach it by fast travel, swimming or by the "new" fast travel system. The Village was made with vanilla resources, mostly Skaal (buildings, clothes, extras, etc.).
I made this within two days so please report any bugs, glitches etc... I might have overseen something.

The immersingly immersive fast travel system and how to use it:

You can travel to and from Solitude, Windhelm, Dawnstar and Winterhold by boat (see pictures!). But first you have to buy a key from the local Merchant (Marada, hangs out at this small hut most of the time). When you have the key, go to
the docks, on the left you will see a door go through it and open the gate to your destination. The shields beside the gates will tell you to witch hold you will travel. It maybe sounds a bit complicated but it really isn't, I just wanted to
avoid scripts.


There are three treasure chests hidden around the island. 


The two followers are located in the Lyngwi Mead Hall. One male (Volkmar) and one female (Raskild). Both Nordmedium to high stats. Compatible with follower overhaul mods such as UFO, at least in my case.

Player Home:

It is to the left of the Greathall. It's a small Player home with an enchanting/alchemy table and a cooking station andbed. All the other crafting stations are outside in the village.

Future Plans:

- Possible bug fixes
- Expanding the Player Home, if desired 
- Your ideas, suggestions
- A compatibility patch for some nice nordic/ "viking" armor and weapon mods


It may conflict with any other mod that edits the same location (see pictures!)
Please report mods that conflict with my mod so a patch can be made.

Compatibility Patches and Versions:

Skyrim Landscape Overhaul Compatibility Patch by Abendaron 

French translation by Abendaron 

Cleaned Version by Abendaron 


Please contact me if you want to use my mod or upload it to another site.