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This mod add 10 fancy, magical-looking bows to the game.

Permissions and credits
Skyrim SE version is here


This mod required SKYRIM only.


Sorry for my English, i hope you'll understand what I wrote here :)

I made this mod long time ago, when I try to play Skyrim as pure archer for the first time. I found experience to my liking, but vanilla bows... Well, they seemed too plain to me. So I decided to make something fancier. Something more magical, colorful and animated. So these ten fancy bows were created, all based on the vanilla bound bow.
This mod may look obsolete by now, with all that great bows, crossbows and enchanting effects mods around, but I decided to make it a small facelift and upload it on Nexus. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Here is a video review (starting at 5:52), thanks to SgtZodiac aka Porter Hause.

Here is another (start at 3:35), thanks to Chaos_Hellfire.

And the last one (starting at 2:17, lots of 1st person view), thanks to vatiwah


All bows have the same damage as the vanilla bows, but generally faster. Slowest bows (Acid and Blood Bows) has a speed of 0.75, which is equal to the vanilla dragonbone bow.
All bows can be enchanted.

You can make them at the forge, if you have the appropriate perks:

Ember Bow  --- Steel Smithing
Fire Bow ------- Dwarven Smithing OR Elven Smithing
Lava Bow ------ Dwarven Smithing OR Elven Smithing
Glacial Bow ---- Orcish Smithing OR Advanced Armors
Winter Bow ---- Orcish Smithing OR Advanced Armors
Emerald Bow --  Ebony Smithing OR Glass Smithing
Ruby Bow ------ Ebony Smithing OR Glass Smithing
Sapphire Bow -- Ebony Smithing OR Glass Smithing
Acid Bow ------  Dragon Armor
Blood Bow ----  Dragon Armor

You can also make "Greater" version of each bow (except Acid Bow and Blood Bow). You need Dragon Armor perk to do that. Stats of the greater bows is equal to the vanilla dragonbone bow.

Manual Installation

Unpack 7-zip archive and copy all files and folders in your Skyrim\Data directory. Overwrite when asked.

Manual Uninstallation

Delete this files and folders:

Data\Fancy Bows.esp
Data\Fancy Bows.bsa

Known Issues and Bugs

Bows are invisible/partially visible in the inventory and crafting menus.

Recommended Mods

Auto Unequip Mod
Better archery Eagle Eye perk or similar mod that allow to increase Eagle Eye perk zoom value (and possibly decrease the stamina drain).

Legal and Licensing

You may use this mod whatever you like, just give me a credit :)


Bethesda for making Skyrim and Creation Kit

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