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Lowers the value of skill books and replaces the bizarre price curve with a smooth curve. Optional files to decrease the price of Ambrosia too.

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To me, the leveling in Enderal is extremely slow (after 22 hours I've only raised 2 combat skills to 25 and 2 crafting skills to 35) and extremely expensive (raising a SINGLE combat skill from 15 to 100 through buying books costs 46,185 gold and a single crafting skill costs 19,960).

This mod will either give both combat and crafting skill books the value curve of the crafting skill books, or will give them both custom curves that makes the total price of combat skill books 1/3 of what it was and crafting skill books 1/2 of what it was. Having a smoother curve also makes leveling more consistent throughout the course of the game.

There are also optional files to halve or quarter the price of Ambrosia, because it was too expensive and rare imo.

Enable either CraftingBookCurve.esp OR CustomBookCurve.esp through the Skyrim or Enderal launcher. CraftingBookCurve reduces the price of combat skill books by more than 50%. CustomBookCurve reduces the price of combat skill books by more than 66% and the price of crafting skill books by more than 50% and has a better curve.
Enable AmbrosiaHalf.esp or AmbrosiaQuarter.esp or neither to reduce the price of Ambrosia by the indicated amount.

Prices at level 15 barter with no perks.