Enderal - Bug Fixes (English version) by Ixion XVII aka Reltilie
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Added: 18/08/2016 - 12:32AM
Updated: 12/08/2017 - 12:18PM

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Last updated at 12:18, 12 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 0:32, 18 Aug 2016

People that use my mod "Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul" dont need this mod!

People that are interested in a full overhaul of Enderal go ahead and try:

Deutsche Version:

Many of the changes are now incorporated in Enderal

These are the ones that either didnĀ“t make it into or are not considered bugs

The cooldown of all talents is the same at all levels. Explanation: If you hold and press the "talent button" you can charge your talent and this will increase the cooldown of the talent without increasing its effect. (This mechanic is from Skyrim and only causes bugs in Enderal)

The Perk "Silent Feet" now doesnt make the Player completely silent. It decreases Sounds made by the Player by 50%

Fixed Skarrag Stance (Skarrag stance multiplied damage to the player by 1.5/2/3 times (original values)

Vatyrs no longer receive increased damage from silver weapons

All ghosts/undeads now receive increased damage from silver weapons


- Download main file
- Extract the main file into the data folder of Enderal
- Open the Enderal launcher
- Open Data Files
- Activate Enderal - Bug Fixes
- Endure that Enderal - Bug Fixes is at the bottom of the list
- Enjoy Enderal :D


Bethesda - for Skyrim
SureAI - for Enderal