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This mod fixes several issues with the game and also includes some small gameplay/balance fixes. (english/german/russian)

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This mod fixes several issues with the game and also includes some small gameplay/balance fixes that I consider oversights or not intended.

Only supports Enderal SE 2.0.12 (future Enderal SE updates won't be available on Steam and won't be supported by me)

Load Order Recommendation:
Bug Fixes
other mods
EGO - Enderal Gameplay Overhaul (if used)
EGO Patches
some exceptions like dyndolod etc.

Recommended Mods:
Meditation Area Fixes
Old Tunnel Pathing Fix
Undercity Arena Fix or Dust Pit Revised

Complete Changelog

- Forged Iron War Axe has 1 more base damage than the non forged variant
- Fixed the footstep sounds of starling/rat catcher/righteous path boots
- Fixed some weapons not being able to inflict a critical hit
- Fixed some weapons/staffs scaling with the wrong skills
- Fixed the stagger/reach values of some weapons with wrong/inconsistent values
- Fixed the detection sound of all weapons (= bows/dagger are silent, onehanded weapons are normal, two handed weapons are loud)
- Fixed a sound problem with iron arrows

- Fixed the playable variants of Zar'Ahs armor (weight, keywords, armor, enchantment)
- Removed the ability to disenchant weapons with no base enchantment (unique weapons)
- Removed the ability to enchant already enchanted unique weapons
- Fixed Circlet of Shadows base enchantment (it can be properly disenchanted)

- Fixed an issue where certain enemies flee from lycanthrope players if they are attacked (e.g. vatyrs, wisps)
- Increased the range of lycanthrope player form by 5%
- Fixed the Abomination summon AI, it no longer runs away from encounters
- Concentration perk (increased duration) no longer increases the damage of Dreameater and Psionic Push
- Dual casting Psionic Push increases damage instead of duration

- Reworked the damage multiplier on Lost Ones that dealt way too much damage (Yes, I consider this a bug)
  Many Lost One had insanely high damage multipliers:
  Lvl 6 boss in Old Sherath deals 52 damage with an iron battleaxe (basic attack, on adept)
  Lvl 30 Lost One in the desert deals 20 with a rune battleaxe (basic attack, on adept)
  New Multiplier sets the damage of the lvl 6 boss to 21

Added in 1.23
- Dragons receive full damage from non-player sources
- Bloodlust and Dual Flurry stack with qyranian stance
- Panic, Provoke spells and Hysteria Scroll have proper sound files (instead of firebolt sounds)
- Thought Planting actually increases only the maximum level of psionic spells (instead of just increasing magnitude of all psionic spells)
- Dark Keeper affinity Entropic Craze effect from "increases the magnitude of entropy spells by 25%" to "increases entropy damage and damage done by summoned weapons by 25%"

Added in 1.24
- Fixes the body and the book on the morning dew for the quest Our Mark on this World
- Fixed the footstep sound of many more boots/shoes

Added in 1.25
- Hood of the Rhalâim added weight and value
- General goods vendors now buy and sell jewelry and soulgems (many of them had them in their inventory but couldn't sell them)
- Corpse Explosion animation now affects more humanoid races
- Dragons/Myrads are no longer affected by Shadowtongue Oil
- Iron War Axe forged variant fixed value
- Fixed Righteous Path weapon blueprint descriptions (they stated "Handicraft 55" but require 50)

- Lycanthrope: Wolf Blood perk description fixed (max duration of wolf potion on this tier is actually 90 seconds and not 3 minutes)
- Wolf Breath magic menu description fixed (stamina bonus is also depending on stamina) (GERMAN VERSION ONLY)
- Phasmalist: Focus Violence flat melee damage reworked to a weapon skill increase (included in Enderal SE)

Added in 1.26
- Detect Life and Death interior/exterior range from 60/60 to 60/120 (vanilla Skyrim values are 100/200)
- All Frost weapon enchantments can slow the player (this was inconsistent previously, some did and some didn't)
- Added description to frost weapon enchantments "Slows movement speed by <50>% for <dur> seconds."
- Wolves now always drop "Wolf Pelt" and "Wolf Meat", only "Wolf Claws" is now a rare drop (= vanilla drop rate 45%)
- Lycanthrope: Aetherblood now also scales stamina

Added in 1.27
- Added missing sound of a key
- Tyarge Pelt is now disassembleable to strong leather
- Replaced all "Ring of the Light Mentor" with "Ring of Cleansing" (they were completely identical)
- Replaced "Empty Parchment" in Scroll Stacks with "Paper Roll"
- Sleeping NPC's have a malus to detection
- Enemy fishes (Bonefish/Gareasnake) can no longer drop gold/jewels

- Reduced clutter in apparition crafting menu:
  Talisman: Mercenary, Samael Dal'Litzu now requires Ark Doppelbock instead of Wine (reducing recipes from 8 to 2)
  Talisman: Marksman, Pyrean Scout now requires Pyrean Armor instead of Pyrean Gauntlets or Boots (reducing recipes from 12 to 4)
- Theriantropist enchantment restriction split up in claw and duration
  Theriantropist Claws: added gauntlets, removed head

Added in 1.28
- Affinity: Soulcaller now properly grants 5 points of Alchemy and Enchanting
- Fixed the Affinity descriptions that were modified in Bug Fixes
- Crystal Widow Boss now has proper sound files, no longer poisons but deals lightning damage with melee attacks, is more likely to melee attack
- Venison is now considered raw food
- MQ07 Mage Boss no longer has 40% shock resistance (this was caused by unlootable boots that he wears)
- Lycanthrope finishing moves ONLY happen if the player kills the last enemy in combat
- Player crafted Aeterna Curaiss now has the correct value (from 270 to 1400)

- Fixed spellbook values from books that had identical value to other ranks: (e.g. Rank II and III having the same value)
  Blessing of Life (III/IV)
  Death Breath (IV/V)
  Lightning Cowl (I/II)
  Provoke (I)

- Changed a loading screen that had outdated information:
  Before: Apparitions do not regenerate health themselves and cannot use healing potions. Use the spells of the Light Magic to heal them. While these cause Arcane Fever, the amount of fever is lessened compared to using it on yourself.
  After: Apparitions regenerate their health out of combat. They cannot use healing potions but you can use Light Magic spells to heal them in combat. While these cause Arcane Fever, the amount of fever is lessened compared to using it on yourself.

Added in 1.29
- Silver Sword is now considered a melee weapon (added missing keyword)
- Fixed some food containers not having any food (e.g. onion braids not having onions)
- Fixed Chain Lightning not properly proccing Elementalist: Disintegrate

- Fixed the description of Thaumaturge: Counter Spell
  Before: Absorb 10% of the Mana costs of all spells which are cast on you.
  After: Grants a 10% chance to absorb a spell and gain mana equal to spells mana cost.

- Added description to the Massaker talent (from "Affinity: Ravager")
- Fixed a stamina effect description (from "Increases Stamina by <mag> points." to "Restores <mag> points of Stamina.")
- Fixed the menu display object of Protection of Magic Rank II/III

Translation specific

- Fixed a typo in an english loading screen
- Fixed a typo in the english "Call Apparition" talent (summjavascript-event-stripped summoned)
- Fixed german soul names (Kleinerer = Kleiner, Größerer = Großer, Großer = Mächtiger)