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A hi-res texture of Dawnguard's cuddly little hell spawn cupids. 4k and 2k resolutions available.

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RUSTIC GARGOYLE is a hi-res retexture of the Dawnguard winged statues that transform into cuddly little cupids... with fangs, claws... and a very bad temper. Who also have the bad habit of sucking the life force out of you. Okay, so they have a few flaws. Nobody is perfect.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 adds the textures for the Gargoyle Statues that are found in Dawnguard. The Bethesda hi-res pack version is only 1K, so it was seriously lacking in detail. I offer 4K and 2K versions (with reduced normals available as well, for those who want that). 

After retexturing the Death Hound, I was encouraged to take a look at the Gargoyles, who similarly were unimpressive in their vanilla aspect. I was never a fan of their wings in particular, which were tattered like cheap curtains. A frayed edge I could understand, but not riddled with holes. That was one thing that had to go. The textures overall were lacking in detail, even at their 2K size, and lacked the fierceness that they should possess. I decided that they needed some "rustic" love, so I tried to breath a little life into these beasties. I hope people like the results of my efforts.

This mod only consists of textures, there are no meshes, or ESP involved. As always, choose the texture resolution that works best for your setup. You have four size options to choose from.

Thanks to DonProtien for the video showcase