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Adds sixteen scarves based on Scarves of Skyrim meshes by Natterforme. Includes replacer version for some of the original scarves.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds 16 craftable, standalone scarves based off Natterforme's Scarves of Skyrim.

All the recipes use ingredients found in game, and aim to be as lore-friendly as possible, using pelts and ingredients such as flowers and plants for the different colours. This version does not add the scarves to leveled lists. You can, however, equip them on your followers.

The standalone version is compatible with the original mod, the Replacer version replaces the textures of some of the original scarves as the original mod contains many, many scarves, and I haven't retextured them all as of now.

The replacer version will also work with any mod based on Scarves of Skyrim, such as "Scarves! Skyrim Edition!" and "Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers" Although this is more of a coincidence than anything, since they all use the same texture path.
But hey, if you like to mix and match, I guess that's good news. (:

I included a .psd in the optional files if you want to recolour the scarves yourself, I tried to make it as simple to understand/edit as possible, but feel free to contact me would you need help with it. (:

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You can stay updated on what I'm doing through my Tumblr.

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You can also find screenshots of my mods and characters in full resolution on my Flickr

More Informations & Installation:

To install the mod simply merge the data folder contained in my archive with the data folder already present in your Skyrim directory.

Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim

I don't usually use stock textures, I've noticed they often lack human touch, and when I do use them, they usually end up looking like photos slapped on a mesh. For this very reason I took the time to adjust the contrast/lighting on every scarf so that each one has a depth/look appropriate to its colour.
I hope the result is acceptable. (:


Q: How do I obtain the scarves?
A: You can craft them all at a tanning rack, they require just a couple of basic ingredients each. Short Scarves usually require less materials, though.

Q: Can they be enchanted?
A: I figured why not, so yes, they can be enchanted. After all if you don't want them enchanted you can just leave them unenchanted.

Q: Can you release any of the characters in the screenshots?
A: No, I can't. Even if I wanted to, many of them use assets that either cannot be shared or are based on the work of modders that have long left the community, meaning I cannot ask for permission.

Q: How about as ECE/RM Presets?
A: Absolutely not. Besides, without my mods they'd look nothing like what you see.

Q: Are they lore-friendly?
A: I'd say so, the ingredients have been selected to be believable as dyes, and most scarves are named after cities and regions in Skyrim. Then again, what is and is not lore-friendly largely depends on the person looking at the mod.

Q: Is this compatible with X?
A: It should be compatible with everything. On the other hand you can't wear a scarf on top of another scarf, just in case someone wants to try it.


Porter Hause's video:

Scarves at 5:12 [Time-Stamp]

VatiWah's video, borderline NSFW because Vati.

Scarves from 0.38 to around 2 minutes [Time-Stamp]


Natterforme, for the original Scarves of Skyrim meshes and for giving me permission to use his work.

Screenshot Poses:
Halofarm's Poser.
GomaPeroPero Poser.


Mi. Gr. , Ti. Lo. , Angrylock
, vintagelf, Ge. Jo. Ry. , Da. Ta.

Thank you for your donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated it. (:

I'd love to add donators to the credits to show my appreciation, problem
being through Paypal I can only see your name, not the username, so message me if you'd like to be added!


You can do whatever you want with this file as long as you credit me and/or the original author if you're using the meshes.

You are absolutely free to showcase this file in YouTube videos and/or mod reviews.

Thank you for downloading!