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Adds several wooden bridges across the northern marshlands of Hjaalmarch.

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This mod adds several wooden bridges across the northern marsh lands of Hjaalmarch, primarily intending to easily connect the Solitude area with the player home of Windstad Manor that is placed in the same northern marshes by the Hearthfires DLC.  This is mainly a convenience mod as there are no harsh physical barriers outright preventing you from taking this path normally but some players had issues with companions and other NPCs traversing the marshes and requested this type of a mod in order to ease movement through the area.

This mod can be used to complement another mod of mine, Solitude Skyway, as the both of them together will provide nearly seamless connectivity between the DLC home and the main city of Solitude.  Originally I was just going to post this mod as an optional addon file to that mod but I figured some people might want to use one or the other but not both or they might miss the file if it was buried on the file page of another mod as the areas involved are not obviously linked in the base game.


  •  fully navmeshed for companions and standard or mod-added NPCs
  •  the bridges are navigable by those riding on horseback
  •  some idle markers are present so wandering or sandboxing NPCs might be found on or in the vicinity of the bridges on occasion

Conflicts and Load Order

Anything editing the same area will obviously conflict, any Solitude mods such as the intended companion mod of mine Solitude Skyway will work great together.  Any mods that edit the Winstad Manor area will probably work fine as long as they aren't a massive sprawling affair as the bridges are not too near the main manor building area.  Beyond that, load order shouldn't matter too much for this mod to function.

Skyrim Special Edition version can be found >> HERE <<