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Removes the face morph that makes vampires in this game look like they kissed a vacuum.

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Have you ever wanted to play a vampire in this game, but were deterred by the unbelievably ugly face your character got when they turned undead?


Then this mod is for you.

Why I made this mod

I really like playing vampires in this game, especially with mods like Better Vampires. The only thing that I don't like about vampirism in Skyrim is that turning your character into a bloodsucking vamp is that potentially hours of meticulous work on your characters face go down the drain the second your character turns undead.

Their face as a newly turned apex predator looks like they gave intense french kisses to a particularly strong vacuum cleaner or the skin on their face was replaced with shrinkwrap.

This makes you wonder why you aren't immediately detected by the citizens of Skyrim as a potentially dangerous creature of the night, even as a stage 1 vampire.


Unless your character has a beard or scars. Then I got nothing. Don't know why, sorry.

The Solution

I opened the vanilla femaleheadchargen.tri and maleheadcustomizations.tri files, replaced the VampireMorph.obj file inside with the neutral head and repackaged the files. Now no humanoid vampire should suffer from shrinkwrap face syndrome anymore.


You'd need to fix that one yourself, it's really easy. I won't upload a fix for each and every texture mod out there...
Just replace the texture with your texture and you're golden.


Install with your favorite mod managing utility program.


Compatible with anything, as far as I can tell. I use Racemenu and a slew of other face cosmetic mods, I don't have any incompatibility issues.


Thanks to Anton0028 for Animation Tools N2. This wouldn't have been possible without it.
Bethesda for such a nicely moddable game.