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This ENB preset is especially made for Enderal and the enderal Weathers.

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Welcome to Vivid Ender ENB - a ENB preset for Enderal

This ENB preset is especially suited to be used, and only to be used with Enderal. 
It supports all Weathers that come with Enderal and adds tons of ENB effects to the Visuals.

Please join and support us

- Supports all Weathers of Enderal
- Advanced Configureable shaders like, sharpening, letterbox, vignette, saturation, Nighteye and much more for you to tweak

Future Updates and considderings
- Revamped enderal Fog that pushes the fog backwards for more clear sight
- advanced lens effects like dirt, rain, frost

1. ENB Setup: Install The latest ENB to the Skyrim installation directory.
In short: you just need the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper directory.
Copy those two files to your skyrim Main Directory

2. ENB Preset Files install:
Copy the content of the Vivid Ender ENB files to your Skyrim directory.
Make sure you do not overwrite the enblocal.ini file if you already tweaked one for yourself.
Alternatively you can use the included "enblocal.ini" from the optionals directory (read the readme!)
select prefered "optionals" from Preset directory (e.g. letterbox/vignette)

set "RemoveBlur=true" in enblocal.ini (Enderal has a VERY strong IS DoF, blurry mess with ENB, set as you see fit, maybe you like it?)
No Need for Static DoF! ENB uses "depth sharpening", distance does not get sharpened, it's like a subtle static distant DoF
Disable "OneTweak" in Enderal Launcher, Seems to cause issues with ENB (Options should not be grayed out, click it once)

4. Skyrimprefs.ini Please make sure you have all nessesary Skyrim Prefs set correctly in your skyrimprefs.ini
Please try using the included ini files in optionals. Many people have wrong skies, blurry shadows and so on in Enderal
(like seen in many screenshots) because their ini files from skyrim are messed up / have different values. Maybe do a compare!
iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA
bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA
Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Enderal prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

MANY MANY thanks for the awesome Pictures taken by EMS60 so i could publish this mod!
Thanks to Kyo for letting me use his bloom code, you are a gentleman and a blessing
prod80 for lots of code base, skyrim modding would not be the same without you
your works still echo, we miss you here... "all the best" ;)
Boris of course, for the tool that made it all possible and robbed years of my life, thank you :)
additional credits inlcuded in files