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Adds Public executions to Solitude and the option to capture bandits for executions.

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Adds public executions to Solitude after the initial vanilla execution event and the option to capture bandits for executions.


The executions happen everyday, they start at 4pm, from 4pm to 6pm the prisoner will go with a jailer to the chopping block and at 6pm to 8pm the execution will start.

The executioners will prepare for executions at 6am.

Once the prisoner is killed his body will remain for like 2 mins and then it will be cleaned and the quest will reset and another prisoner will be spawned for the execution of the next day.

The execution of Roggvir needs to be completed (aka the quest) for my mod´s executions to start.

Ideas for the mod:

When i searched for a mod like this one I didnt find one so i made it. I kind of wanted to see comments about it and see where the mod goes.

The main point was to have constant executions regardless of player actions and as part of skyrim world, for now I added it to solitude and I will try to improve more the scene of the executions, like adding more npcs to the "party", more audience, more options for consequences for rescuing the prisoner, killing it, etc. Something like that.

After im happy enough on how the executions are carried in solitude, I may add more for other cities, like executions related to the civil war, etc.

Anyway I hope you like it. ;)





It should be compatible with most of the solitude mods out there, but its not compatible with open cities since it adds a "new" solitude, currently im not thinking about making patches since I still wanna improve the mod, I just added some markers to the city so it should be easy for you to just move my markers if needed depending on your mods.


Q: Are the executioners/prisoners wenches? WTF?
A: The executioners and prisoners will use guards and bandits leveled lists so they will look like the guards/bandits in your game, I was just using my deadly wenches mod.

Q: The executions arent starting.
A: A condition for the executions of my mod to happen is that Roggvir´s execution needs to be completed (aka its quest), if for some reason you skip it use the command "stopquest solitudeopening" so the executions of my mod can start.

Q: I captured a bandit but the executioners dont have a dialogue option to start the bandit`s execution.
A: A condition for the dialogue option to appear is that both executioners have to be in place and prepared to start the execution, usually the executioner guard needs a little extra time to be in place when the cell is loaded so just wait a few secs and you will notice he will move a little more to get ready. Also you can execute bandits only from 6am to 4pm.

Q: Can you add options/MCM to tweak the days the executions happen?
A: For now thats way below in my "to do list" for the mod, I will eventually add it with another options but for now I wanna improve other things.

I'm more active on discord so feel free to join if you have any questions or need help, you can also find testing/little mods there I didn't upload here yet or things made by the wench lovers community.
Reports and suggestions are also welcome since that helped me continue improving the mods. ;)

I hope you enjoy my mods!!!


-Just dont upload this and say you made it or something.
-If you want to share this mod please just link this page.
-You are free to make any translation, just send me a pm if you finished so i know and can link it here.
For some other things, send me a pm to know please.
-Live and let others live.
-Treat wenches with... executions
-To ignore my bad english...