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A lavish, gaudy overhaul of the Thieves Guild HQ and the Ragged Flagon. Occurs gradually, attached to the four stages of upgrades existing in vanilla Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
I am no longer maintaining Oldrim mods. Permissions are 100% open, do whatever you want.

Get the Russian translation here, kindly done by Korifey with permission.

A Few Other Notes:
This can be installed at any point. My changes are attached to the vanilla improvement
system so it will work no matter what point you are at in the quests.

The only cells edited are "RiftenRaggedFlagon" and "RiftenThievesGuildHeadquarters" so
this is compatible with anything as long as those are not touched.
Most of the major changes occur after the third and fourth reputation quests
are done, so you may not notice much until then. Get to work!

I am using a boatload of retextures and Tetrachromatic ENB in my images.
If you want to take a look at this in your own game, you can use
the following console commands (on a new save, not one you will
keep) to fully upgrade the guild & Flagon: "setstage TGTQ01 200"
"setstage TGTQ02 200" "setstage TGTQ03 200" "setstage TGTQ04 200"

Please see the permissions/credits section at the top for modders resources!

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