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Replace the vanilla unarmed animations with the unused unarmed animations in Skyrim - Animations.bsa

Permissions and credits
I didn’t make any animations.
These animations are from “Skyrim – Animations.bsa”
You can use BSA Unpacker to unpack this bsa and obtain these animations.
Credit to Bethesda.



I was making my personal collection of unarmed animations. I wanted to know all the files of unarmed animations but I haven’t found any resource that I wanted. Then I did some search and found this Question. Nobody replies this user. But what this user mentioned makes me interested in original game files. I unpacked the bsa, found these animations, and simply renamed them for using in the game to find out what these animations look like. I personally reckon that these animations look much better than vanilla unarmed animations, so I decided to post them on Nexus to let the community knows their existence.




1. NMM or MO
2. Manual: Put “meshes” folder into your Skyrim\data


1. NMM or MO
2. Manual: Simply delete the following files in your Skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\animations


There are two files in the bsa that also can be use in game.


These two animations replaced "h2h_attackleft.hkx" and "h2h_attackright.hkx"
I renamed them for you to use in game.
You can use this optional file with or without the main file.


During the process of replacing and testing these animations, I personally reckon these two animations look weird:
h2h_runleftattackright.hkx - normal right attack when run toward left
h2h_runleftattackleft.hkx - normal left attack when run toward left
I deleted these two files because I thought Skyrim would use the vanilla animations. I was wrong. Skyrim doesn’t use the vanilla animations and use two other animations that I’ve never seen before. These two animations look weird and make me feels that Bethesda hadn’t finished them. The attacking sound effect supposed to be 1 punch per unit but in these two animations the sound became 1 punch 2 unit.
Maybe these animations supposed to be a set. Skyrim can’t play these animations without the whole set of Cross and Jab.

I tried different combinations between vanilla animations and Cross and Jab, the result turns out that these animations look weird in different combinations:
BTW, in vanilla folders, “walk” series of animations do not exist. I don’t know how the vanilla walking attack animations works.