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This mod adds a new form of magic (Anti-magic) to Skyrim, which can be acquired through the activation of a hidden shrine buried in the cliffs of the eastern Rift.

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Update: For those wondering the comments and bugs sections have been disabled as I have not been active in the community and not actively working on this mod currently.  I will reopen the comments/bugs sections when I have time to moderate, address and test issues and bugs that may remain. Until then, apologies for any issues you may come across. Thank you for your understanding.

1.5.5 Changes


A HUGE Thanks to Brodual for the comprehensive spotlight of my mod.

Anti-Magic in Skyrim

"There are several ways to describe this individual. Slayer of mages, sellsword, assassin of the wicked, the bane of vampires, even kinslayer applies to this man or woman. You see, to effectively hunt mages, you must become one. Indeed it is a cruel irony, to destroy that which you hate you must embrace it. Mage Hunters are not noble, nor are they sadistic. Some sell their expertise to the highest bidder, some live by a code of honor.  They hunt those that would sacrifice their mortality or morals to obtain power over others. Be them vampires, hagravens, briarhearts or rogue mages. With blade and spell, they purge the land of the wretched, no matter the cost to themselves." - An old, crippled scholar.

Travel to and explore a small part of a hidden land known as the Serathi Boglands hidden in the mountains between the eastern rift and morrowind. Discover and activate a shrine, granting you progressive access to the perks. The only thing you must exchange is your experience (perk points). The small amount of this area you gain access to is relatively desolate of life, however do not come unprepared, expect a fight.

I highly suggest getting one of the mods that allow you to block whilst dual-wielding to use with this mod, as one of the spells equips you with dual-wielded anti-magic weapons and blocking with them will enable a ward.

Thank you to Hirostormwolf for the video of my mod, however it is now outdated.

The Perks

The Spells


The Upgrade shrine
Each of these upgrades will cost a daedra heart. They can be removed without cost, or swapped for another daedra heart.


Future Plans
More upgrades
This mod is mostly where I'd consider it complete, however I am always adding things. Future updates will involve more adventure-type elements as opposed to spells though. I am also working on a new lands mod set in and around the Serathi Bog featured in this mod, I plan to have it link to the small chunk you visit in this mod. However this is far off and quite an endeavour to do solo.


This mod requires SKSE, the Dawnguard DLC, and the Dragonborn DLC.


As of 1.0, should not be any incompatability issues as this mod no longer edits any vanilla settings.


Drop the contents of the .zip into your data folder and check it in the skyrim launcher/mod loader of choice. Please ensure to check the readme.

Updating to 1.5

Unfortunately if you have any other version in your save game, there is no way to update without many problems. This update will require a fresh save or new game.


I'd advise from removing this mod from a save it is baked into, but if you do then be sure to open the console with the tilde (`) key and type 'stopquest AM_WeaponSpellsHandlerQuest', 'AM_MirrorImageHandler' and 'AM_ShrineHandlerQuest' without the inverted hyphens. In addition, use the console to remove all the perks from your character, as not doing this will leave your character with some stats permanently altered. After that, simply remove the .esp and bsa file.


Bethesda for making the game.

ChizFoShiz for giving me permission to use elements of his mod Imbued Weapons to help me make this mod. Cheers friend :)

PeterMartyr was instrumental in helping me get a complicated ability to work, thank you for your help!

Thank you to Earrindo for the telvanni tower mushroom assets.

Lifestorock for the mesh/textures of the Flying Scrib in the mod  Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock

MihailMods for the Giant Wasp sounds from his mod Giant Wasps- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons- ESO)
Brodual for the comprehensive spotlight of my mod.

Ga-Knomboe Boy for the trees I used from his GKB Green trees mod

Tamira - for 'Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part One'
Phitt - Models/Textures
Dave91 - Models/Textures
MrSiika - Models/Textures
Kzinistzerg - Textures
SpeedyB - Models/Textures

Brodual for the comprehensive spotlight of my mod.


Sometimes a shrine doesn't appear correctly, this from what I can tell is just due to too many objects being enabled at once. If you run into this you will have to reload and try again, it's very rare but has happened once or twice in testing.

Sometimes the two handler quests don't start up correctly. If you are experiencing problems with Psionic blades effects not disappearing or mirror images not appearing or appearing naked. Do this in this order, first open the console and then type these lines, 1 at a time pressing enter after each.
Stopquest AM_Weaponmenuhandlerquest
Stopquest AM_MirrorImageHandlerNew
close and reopen the console
Startquest AM_MirrorImageHandlerNew
Startquest AM_Weaponmenuhandlerquest

And it should be now fixed

These are more quirks than bugs, as they are simply limitations.
 - Sometimes when casting Anti-Magic Weave too quickly you'll not equip the weapons, wait a second before casting it again and it should fix it.
 - Mods that force weapons out of your hands using a particular script function can sometimes mess up the Anti-Magic Weave also (the visual effect remains), but this can be fixed by casting it again.

- Based on the way Shadow Step works at preventing you from going through walls, it may not always work when on awkward terrain/hilly terrain if it thinks it'll place you through the ground.


Do not reupload this elsewhere or to this site.

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